Business Vision

Business Plan Part 1 – Business Vision

BUS 521 – Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Business Overview

Our new business focuses on helping individuals to become and stay organized, not only in their personal lives, but their professional lives as well. Our goal is to educate people on the benefits of being organized and showing them various tips and tricks to stay organized. Our primary target audience are businesses who are struggling to retain their employees due to stress and various other issues that may cause them to quit a job. All businesses want to retain as many employees as possible, and by partnering up with them we can show their employees ways in which becoming more organized can have a major impact on their everyday lives. Our secondary target audience are individuals age 25-45, married or single with children. People with children not only have to take care of their children, but they also go to work for most of the day, and many parents shuttle their children to various extracurricular activities throughout the year. Getting organized can help them to be more efficient in their lives.

Our mission statement is as follows: Get It Done is an informative organizational service aimed at offering quality, relative, and up to date information about organization and the benefits it poses. We see ourselves as partners not only with our clients, but with our employees and our community, and take all responsibility regarding our daily interactions with each. Our aim is to become a regionally recognized brand as the place to go for all your organizing needs, capitalizing on our partnerships with various businesses to help them retain their employees. Our goal is to obtain moderate growth, gain a profit annually, and maintaining quality relationships with our clients by always putting them first.

Value proposition

Get It Done focuses on the wellbeing of their customers, both in the home and at work. We offer education on the benefits of being organized, as well as tips and tricks to get and stay organized. Our education method is beneficial because it will emphasize the importance of organization while providing our clients with concrete examples of how it will benefit them. For example, being organized can boost energy, lead to better eating habits, improve sleep habits, reduce stress, and lower heart attack risk (Florentine, E., 2016). There have been studies done that have shown that being organized can have “a positive input on what you eat” as well as leaving one feeling “happier and more relaxed” (Florentine, E., 2016). One of the major benefits of becoming organized is the reduction in stress, as stress effects multiple aspects of our lives and can adversely affect our health. Stress can trigger headaches, depression, heartburn, insomnia, high blood pressure, and more (Pietrangelo, A. & Watson, S.). While clutter is not the only thing that causes stress, it is one of the things that can be controlled alleviating some stress within our lives.

In the business world, being organized leads to increased efficiency, the ability to track progress, better management skills, and building trust. Increased efficiency will allow employees to have “more time for doing productive things … [as well as] make it more convenient for employees to share any information with each other, thus working better as a team” (Writing, A., 2018). Also, “a well-organized manager can [set priorities and allocate them according to each individual’s skills and abilities] while exuding confidence and control in the [business], creating a productive environment for all workers” (Writing, A., 2018). Being able to educate our customers on organization and its health and work benefits is important as it will meet the needs of our customers to retain their employees as well as showing them a way to have a better life overall.

Business Model

According to Rhonda Abrams, “one of the first things you will do is identify your business model. The term ‘business model’ describes what your company does and how you make money” (p.37). For our business model, we provide personal and/or business services as well as provide expert advice/consultation. The service we provide is organization education with tips and tricks provided by our highly trained and dedicated employees. The service will primarily be targeted to our primary audience, businesses who are struggling with unhappy employees and employee retention. However, our services could also appeal to individuals on a personal level, such as mothers and fathers with children who have a hectic schedule and want to find ways where they can manage activities more efficiently, as well as have more time to do things that they really want to do (Braun, C.). Because the employees and managers will be highly trained and will have previous experience/expertise within the organizational field, we will be able to provide expert advice to our clients, as well as provide consultations on a case by case scenario.

In terms of pricing, it will be determined on a case by case scenario. No matter what we will charge a flat rate, but the rate will vary dependent on a time basis. In other words, the more complex a case is and the more time we must spend on that one case, the higher the fee will be. However, we will also have a specialty group rate fee. Since our target audience is businesses looking to improve their retention rates, the more employees they have who come to us they will get a type of discount since several their employees have come to receive our services. While we are selling a service, we will operate as a business-to-business company as well as a business-to-consumer company. We will also have a brick-and-mortar store where individuals can come in to receive our services, but we will also provide customer service via phone, email, and various social media sites, as well as our personal website.

Feasibility Analysis

A feasibility analysis will allow us “the opportunity to open [our] eyes, ask [ourselves] some tough questions, then determine whether [our] idea, as originally conceived, needs to be modified, refocused, or changed dramatically” (Abrams, R., 2017, p.43). Doing this analysis will not only challenge our business concept, but it will allow us to identify the components already in place to allow an easy execution, as well as identify the biggest obstacles we will face in bringing our business concept to fruition (Abrams, R., 2017).

Our industry is economically healthy, can withstand downturns in economic cycles, and is characterized by many competitors rather than a few entrenched, large companies. No matter what the economy looks like, there will always be companies looking for ways to retain their employees, or individuals looking for ways to eliminate stress and clutter from their lives. While there are several home improvement stores out there, none of them really focus on organization education or providing tips and tricks to accomplish an organized space. However, there are numerous individuals who sell their services as an organization professional and provide consultations. Our service is proven and not unique, is already in demand, is consumable, and is not burdensome. Again, there are many people who seek out help when it comes to organizing as well as people already out there providing the service. Customers can use our services repeatedly and it will not cost a lot of time and effort for new customers to convert to our services.

Our market is large enough to be able to support our business and has existing sales channels to sell to our customers. The existing sales channels available for us to sell to our customers would be to partner up with home improvement stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot or stores that sell appliances and storage for the home or office like Target and Bed, Bath & Beyond. Other channels we can use would be the internet via social media, and advertising in various magazines. Our biggest obstacle would be our leadership abilities. While we are open to suggestions and guidance from others and have prior experience leading teams, we have no previous experience in this industry and we have never previously started or ran a company. We have also never had any formal training in entrepreneurship or business management, it was more of a learn as you go type deal. However, there is a strong willingness to learn new things, therefore this obstacle can be overcome in time if we remain determined to succeed, consistent in our actions, and always act with integrity.


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