Job Description Paper

Job Description Paper


Human Resources Management

Job Description

It is essential in human management practice to always clearly describe job positions to control the recruitment methods. The job description not only guides HR but is also crucial in spelling out the merits and qualifications which candidates for the position need to have (Bratton & Gold, 2012). Coming up with a job description makes it easy to handle the recruitment exercise against the criteria and requirements stipulated.

This paper provides a job description for the job position of a ‘High School Teacher of English and Literature.’ The description examines the tasks, tools, and technology, knowledge, skills, abilities and educational requirements to be considered in the recruitment process. Also, it provides ways in which the job position would be advertised, how the recruitment would be done and provides methods of assessment that would be used in recruiting for this position plus the rationale for selecting these methods.

High School Teacher of English and Literature

This position requires a trained teacher of English and Literature who can teach these subjects for high school students. Therefore, the qualified person for the job is required to have benefits and qualifications that would allow them to be high-quality teachers for the subject as well as help advance both the national and institutional goals of education as required by profession.


This segment mainly describes the responsibilities and duties that the person recruited for the job would be required to fulfill.

Tools and Technology

  • Teach English and Literature for high school level in a school setting
  • Participate in preparation and marking of school’s internal exams for these subject areas
  • Prepare project of work and lesson plans as required by the Languages Department
  • Actively engage in guiding and counseling and disciplinary measures to maintain high discipline standards
  • Participate in organizing of school events
  • Design teaching content and techniques that improve learning outcomes and takes care of individual learner differences
  • Communicate with parents about the progress of individual students and provide appropriate advice
  • Take an active role in supporting one or more extracurricular activities where skilled
  • Adhere to the rules and laws of the institution and the profession during the implementation of duties
  • Participate in any other programs or issues that may arise, as may be required by the institution

The world has increasingly grown technologically savvy (Robbins., et al, 2013). The field of education has not remained behind in the use of technology, hence increasing demands for educators who can use technological developments with ease to improve learning outcomes. This aspect therefore results in the following descriptions for this job title:


  • Requires a teacher who can use teaching tools provided by the institution to improve learning outcomes
  • Requires a teacher who can effectively use technology in preparation for lessons and pedagogy processes in the classroom

The required person for the job should demonstrate adequate knowledge of the following:-

Skills and Abilities

  • Understanding the English and Literature curriculum and content
  • Understanding the concepts required in effectively teaching high school English and Literature

These sets of skills and abilities are very important for this job position and would give the candidates added advantage:-

Educational Requirements

  • Critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Effective communication skills
  • Ability to work and cooperate with a team
  • Ability to organize and plan effectively
  • Ability to easily adapt to change and implement change
  • Guiding and counseling skills
  • Skilled in sports and/or arts for extracurricular purposes

The educational requirements for the job are:-

Advertising and Recruitment

  • A Bachelor Degree in Education in the related subject area
  • The candidate must be certified by the teacher’s body
  • At least two years experience of teaching English and Literature at high school level
  • Certificate of Diploma in any foreign language would be an added advantage

The job would be advertised on online platforms to allow for many people to access it. This increases the chance of getting people who meet the standards and qualifications required for the job. The places the job would be advertised are on the schools website, social media and a selected website for a job advertising agency. The job description provided above will be included in the advertisement in order to guide the applicants.

Recruitment on the other hand would be done through short-listing ten candidates and taking them through an interview process that would be guided by the job description standards. The best candidate, considered to me all or most of the requirements stipulated in the job description will be hired for the job.

Assessment Methods

The following two methods will be used in evaluation when recruiting qualified candidates:-


  • Interviews
  • Through interview processes, the recruiting personnel will be able to assess the candidate’s qualifications for the job. It is an important way of conducting assessment as it provides a reliable opportunity for the recruiting policy to examine the communication effectiveness of the candidates, how they present themselves and their ability to explain about their qualifications for the job.
  • Teaching Demonstration
  • Giving the candidates teaching demonstration is important in gauging the knowledge, skills and abilities of the candidates to handle classroom teaching. It would be important in assessing whether the candidates would be effective in performing the core duty required of them once recruited.

Conclusively, coming up with a job description paper makes it easy to manage the recruitment activity against the requirements and requirements stipulated. This job description, therefore, is considered reliable and competent in recruiting for the job position explained. It will not only act as a guide to the recruiting personnel but also to the people who would consider applying for the job. It is therefore important for HR personnel in organizations to create clear and objective job descriptions when planning to recruit for any position to ensure that their organizations get the best and highly qualified candidates to fit into their vacant job positions.

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