Changes in Cybercrime

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Changes in Cybercrime

By Tina Johnson

Cyber Crime against Person

Cyber Weapons against Person IncludesHarassmentPhishingIRC Attacks

Evolving with Technology

Methods of Committing Cyber CrimeHackingElectronic FormE-mail BombingData DiddlingSalami AttacksDenial of Service AttacksVirus or Worm Attacks

Technology used in Cyber Crimes

Kinds of AttacksBotnet – is when a robotic computer is used to control a networkSYN Flood Attack- the over load of SYN requests to the TCPICMP Flood Attack

Computer Crime Laws

Condition of the Law Securities Act of 1933 . Fraud and Abuse Act (“CFAA”). .

Prevention Investigation of Cyber Crime

Prevention of Cyber CrimeSpam BlockingAntivirusEncryption

Investigation of Cyber Crime

Computer ForensicForensic SoftwareDigital EvidenceSound Evidence


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