Mobile Ordering Project Requirements

Mobile Ordering Project Requirements

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I’ve been assigned the task of preparing a mobile ordering POS requirement outline for HB Company. I will discuss the core POS components the company currently has in place, describe what data and information are being collected and stored in the system, explore what new knowledge the company will receive through mobile ordering, and identify any potential issues the new mobile ordering module could cause.

Identify the core components of the HB Company’s current POS system and the additional hardware, software, and networking elements the addition of mobile ordering would require HB Companies current core hardware components are credit card readers, cash drawers, computer terminals, monitors, and receipt printers. The company’s POS system software is installed locally on a network server, end-users using computer terminals are able to access the

system via LAN. In order to begin accepting mobile ordering application integration must occur, add-on modules must be purchased and interfaced with the current POS system, configurations to accept payments through the mobile portal must also occur. If processing sales through a company’s smart device additional credit card scanning hardware must also be purchased.

Description of the data and information that passes through and is captured by the current POS and additional information and data the new mobile ordering process would provide

At the very basic level, the companies POS system collects data pertaining to purchase tracking, sale transactions, financial data (company purchases, repairs, expenses, etc), BIG data statistics for marketing campaigns, and customer insights and reporting. The additional information that will be collected through mobile ordering would be customer interests, purchasing habits, and survey information.

Description of the new types of knowledge the HB Company will be able to obtain through the addition of mobile ordering

Now with the ability to analyze additional information such as customer interests, purchasing habits, and survey information the company can use this knowledge to improve their marketing strategies for different types of products. For example, the company could send out a survey offering 25% off to those who complete it. The survey revealed that their super Grande burrito wasn’t as “Grande” as the company believed it to be, customer feedback can help the company determine what type of changes should be made to keep the customers interested in this product. Customers are more willing to complete surveys for a discount and from the comfort of their own home while offering valuable data and knowledge to the company.

Identification of the concerns regarding data and network services that could result from adding mobile ordering and potential solutions

When implementing the mobile ordering module concerns of data not being fully received from the mobile application to the networks POS system is a possibility. The introduction of the mobile application now creates a learning curve for the company, how do we know the data we received is correct and complete? Without the customer verbally providing the order we cannot be absolutely sure we prepared the correct order. One solution to this would be to have a designated staff member or two review incoming online orders and call the customer upon receipt of the order to confirm. This may also provide opportunities for the company to provide the “in-house” customer experience and service they normally receive when at the restaurant.

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