Necessary Mobile Version Changes

Assignment 5: Necessary Mobile Version Changes

CIS 273: Web Design and Development

When designing a website, the one thing to keep in mind is the multiple different types and sizes of screens that the website might be displayed on. The largest of these screens is a television screen while the smallest is that of a smart phone. Smart phones are the smallest and also the most commonly used device to date. A website needs to be able to conform to the variety of screens that it might be pulled up on without compromising the quality and the readability of the website. The website needs to be user friendly no matter how small or large the screen it is displayed on is.

One of the things a website needs in order to be successful on a mobile device is compatibility. The website needs to have a style that adapts to the different screen sizes and images need to be able to shrink down, so the user doesn’t have to zoom out while the text needs to remain readable, so the user doesn’t have to zoom in. Having a style sheet that adapts to different screen sizes is a must and as the designer, it is something that will have to be implanted before the website is completed.

Another thing that a website needs to make it mobile friendly is to have buttons that are easy for a person to click with their fingers and not with a small, precision mouse. Resizing the buttons for the mobile layout will help users navigate the page and submit forms easier. It will also help reduce navigation errors that could occur due to the finger being less precise than that of a mouse.

We also want to make sure that loading time is not an issue. We want to optimize Javascript to make sure the website loads as quickly as it can. This also helps the browsers on the phones since they are not as strong as the browsers on a computer.

We want to make sure we use high quality images and videos to keep from having pixelated images and videos when they are resized to fit the smaller screen.

There are many improvements that can be made to make a website mobile friendly, but these are what I feel are the basic changes that need to be made at this time. More changes can be made in the future and a website can always be improved over time.

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