Business Process and Functional Modeling

Business Process and Functional Modeling

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CIS 353

Business Process and Functional Modeling

This paper will take a look at utilize case, utilize case information and the useful model for Advance Business Systems (ABS), which is a counseling and staffing organization. ABS have areas the nation over and give staffing and counseling administrations to customers. These customers have organizations in different ventures.

Use Case Description

The utilization case display for ABS will portray what the customer is asking. The customer, ABS has asked for that the agreement director give staff to his organization. He did this by presenting a staffing demand frame. The agreement supervisor gets and survey the staffing demand for to guarantee that it is substantial. On the off chance that the customer’s demand is outside of what is recorded in the agreement, the agreement director sends it back. He at that point asks for and refreshed contract with a specific end goal to satisfy the necessities of the customer.

Use Case: Contract Staffing


Demand for transitory staff to give arrange building specialized help to the Software Development Department.

Level: High Level Summary

Primary Actor


Supporting Actors

Contract Manager


Internal applicants

External applicants


ABS organization contacts the Contract director with a staffing demand for his organization. The sort of demand is outer.


1.Existing customer finishes staffing demand

2.Contract director surveys ask.

a.If the demand is inside the agreement limits:

a.The ask for is sent to the selection representative to check for inside candidates

b.If there are no inward candidates with the capabilities, an outer pursuit is finished.

b. If the demand is outside of the agreement limits:

Request is sent back to the customer to refresh the agreement to incorporate the demand.

Normal Flow

The enrollment specialist contacts candidates.

2.The candidates meet with the enrollment specialist.

3.The selection representative enters the qualified candidate’s data into the framework.

4.The contract chief surveys the candidate data.

5.The contract chief affirms the candidate data and advises Client and scout.

6.The enrollment specialist tells the candidate of arrangement.

The candidate reports to the customer’s organization to begin work.


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