Java U. Phase 1

The Java University is looking to automate their student registration process with an application. To do this, I will need to find out some additional information from a couple departments at the university. The application, when done, will be used to add, modify, and delete courses. It will add, modify, and delete students and allow students to register for their courses. Professors will be able to enter grades for their students. It will let you create course catalog, the student directory and a grade report for each student. I will need to find out some stuff from a few departments at the university, these departments are Admissions, Bursary, the Professors and Communications.

I believe Admissions will be the most important department to talk to about the application. Admissions handles the potential and actual applicants of students so any questions about courses, students being added and students trying to register, and student directory should be answered by them. I will need to know how they would like this process to work and how they want the students to register for courses. Also, students might be registering for classes for a bachelor’s degree, master’s or an undergraduate, will need to find out how they want that process to work. I will need to find out how they want students to look up other students or professors in the student directory and what kind of order will the names appear if there is more than one person with the same first or last name. I would just ask the Bursary what financial information they look for when it comes to students registering for courses.

We know the professors are there to teach the students, but they also need to be able to put in grades after they have graded any work done by the students. I would ask the professors how they normally put in grades, what order are the students in, and what is the easiest way to put in grades. I will also talk to communications when it comes to the course catalog. Communications help with the university’s social media pages and their website, even assisting with the redesign of the website when needed. I would ask how they want the students to be able to pull up the course catalog and how will they want them to search through the catalog for a course they may be thinking of taking. I would also ask will each course a student pulls up will show all the classes that need to be taken to graduate as well.

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