Three Interfaces I Interact with Daily

CIS 524 Computer Interaction and Design

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This paper will discuss three interfaces I interact with daily. How Mandel’s golden rules are addressed for each interface. It will also suggestion two user friendly for each interface to improve the design to improve the user’s experience.

In the beginning, there were little or no consideration of how the user would react to interfaces. Simply because there were technical and hardware limitations. The interface designs demanded computer skills in an era when computers were not appealing to the average household. The computers are very appealing today primarily due to the user-friendly interfaces.

The golden rules of interface design were written by Theo Mandel provide programmers with a guide to producing user friendly systems.

The three interfaces I will discuss in this paper are Mac /iPhone, Windows, and Android operating systems.

The Golden Rules of Mandel’s

The golden rules of interface design, by Theo Mandel: Always be consistent, don’t make the user remember too much and give the control to the user. (Santos, 2018) The rules are important and can be applied to any software, or web design, despite the operating system, users or device. (Mandel, 2013)

Interface One-IOS

The first interface that I will discuss is Mac/iPhone operating system. I use my IOS devices daily. I have an Apple iPhone Xs-max, an iPad Pro, an Apple watch, Apple pen and Apply ear pods. Below are figures of all of the IOS devices I use daily.

Figure 1Figure 2

iPhone Xs maxiBuds

(Reisinger, & Michaels. (2018) September 12). (Leelee Jlsparks81, Cubby, & BnGnGsgrnny. 2019)

Figure 3 iPad Pro Figure 4 iPen gen 1

(Velazco,)(Leelee Jlsparks81, Cubby, & BnGnGsgrnny. 2019)

Figure 5 iWatch gen4

(Leelee Jlsparks81, Cubby, & BnGnGsgrnny. 2019

My day begins with the iPhone alarm, it wakes me and Siri, the interactive voice response reads me my daily events. Siri then also tell me how the weather is supposed to be and a brief synopsis of the news events of the day It is also my main source of communication. I receive text messages and any post of comments via Snap Chat, Instagram, and Facebook. My iPhone also is the main source of my entertainment most days. It contains various applications; such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and Apple music. With Apple music application I can listen to virtually any song I desire. There are many other applications which I frequently use, where I do most of my shopping such as Walmart, Target, Amazon and Zulily. I also have gaming applications, video applications and a camera, and video recorder.

The iPad Pro has the same familiar appearance that the iPhone has, except you can not make a conventional call, however you can still face time any apple device version 6 or higher, and with other applications you can make a voice over phone call. I always carry it, simply because it has the capabilities of a laptop pc, yet a lot more convenient: smaller enough to put in a purse. I has the sam applications. I download books to the iPad insteadof carring multiple books. With the right accessories, such as the Apple pen and keyboard case just as effective as a pc.

My Apple watch series 4. It is an IOS as well however it is smaller and more compact that the iPhone or the iPad. The watch has Seri, it can have forty-nine (49) applications on the device. The application symbols are the same on the watch as the iPhone and iPad. The watch can have data on its own and sharing your iPhone’s phone number or connecting to your iPhone via Bluetooth and to your EarPods (another Apple Bluetooth accessory which are wireless headphones). The watch is convenient when I’m working out especially most gym wear does not have pockets thus having a watch that all call’s and text messages are forwarded to’

Apple follows Mandel’s golden rules

Strive for Consistency. -The design is simple and consistent. Same basic design since 2007.

The iPhone was introduced to the world by Steve Jobs on January 9, 2007 at the Macworld convention. Jobs announced that the first iPhone would be released later that year. The first iPhone was released June 29, 2007. (iPhone History)

Ability to create shortcuts: Apple allow users to download applications they desire and arrange them on any screen or folders.

Ability to provide feedback.: Apple allow users to give feed back to improve the product.

Ability to repair errors: Apple send out software updates to correct ensure reported issues.

Ability to reverse a command: Apple added a reversal button to undo actions.

Don’t pressure user’s memory: Apples’ design allows the user to recognize how to find applications. (Santos, 2018)

The two suggestions I believe would improve iPhone/Mac Operating Systems interfaces would be if you ask Siri a question it would give you the most probable answer verbally, instead of producing links for the answer. And the read the results instead of simply showing the results, and when you ask it to text it should send the text instead of presenting a send option that has to be manually touched.

The Second Interface. Microsoft Windows Operating System is the second interface I use daily with my HP Envy pc. Bill Gates announced Microsoft Windows. In 1985 Microsoft Windows sold for $100, 000.00. Today it sells for $28.00 Interface. (Microsoft Windows History. 2019).

See the figures below of the Hewlett-Packard Envy lap top I use daily.

Figure 6 HP ENVY

Figure 7 HP ENVY Wake up screen

Figure 8 HP ENVY Cortana,

Cortana is the artificial intelligence feature of Microsoft Windows. You are able to speak to the laptop.

Microsoft Windows follow Mandel’s rules: consistent design, not demanding too much of the user’s memory and allowing the user to be in control are the design principles to serve as general guidelines, not to be followed step by step. Knowing what design principles are more important in creating a design is the trick. Some of the design principles may not work with each other or the design goals may not follow the same idea. (Reisinger, & Michaels, 2018,)

The two suggestions I believe would improve Windows Operating Systems interfaces would be if you sync all your devices regardless of OS.

The Third Interface. Google Nest Hub is the third OS I use. Google Nest Hub is an Android operating system. It access my phone, security system, thermostate, doorbell, my smart TV’s and various Google Home peakers, and a few lights in my home, Google Nest Hub is connected to these devices via my home internet system. Google Nest Hub looks likes a tablet: Second to none in its ability to answer questions. The biggest advantage Google Nest Hub has over other voice-controlled apps and devices is its ability to provide factual responses to questions It reads step by step recipies. (Moore, 2018). The illustratios below are of the Nest Hub, and Google Home

Figure 9 Google Home Hub

Figure 10 Google Home Hub Controle Screen

Google Home Hub Speakers

Like all the operating systems, one improvement would to be able to sync all of the operating systems instead of each system being independent. This Android Operating System will not open and read emails, but will read text.So giving this Os the ablity to open and read email.

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