Civil or Criminal Fraudulent Activities

Civil or Criminal Fraudulent Activities

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The presentation focuses more on the; fraud activities (criminal), criminal frauds legality, various control uses for the migration, the focus is also on the controls that helps for preventing the occurrence of the frauds.

Types of criminal fraud

Bank fraudAny scheme that has a relation with the defraud federally which is financial institution that is insured by the officers, employees and customers and so on. Bribery of witnesses and public officialsThe punishment for such a case is the disqualification from being an officer, imprisonment up to 15 years and a three times fine of the value thing given or received.Securities fraudIt the individual is leaking information of the insider material to purchase or sell the securities of the company.

Bribery of Public Officials & Witnesses

Bribery constitutes a crime and is considered illegal.This is an offence that is specific and focuses on the offering practice like money. Bribery are classified as a felony.

Bank Fraud

It is an illegal mean of acquiring; money, assets, the property that is owned and getting money from the depositors by fraud. It is also a criminal act hence illegal. The customers pay for the bank fraud by increase in the loan interest rates.

Computer Fraud

Vendor fraudManagement fraudCustomer fraudInvestment scams

Securities Fraud

Securities fraud is closely related to stock or, the market commodities that induces investors in making decisions for the sale or buy on the claim of information that is not true.Security fraud is not legal, there are a lot of types within the sub group for example the pyramid schemes.

Differences between civil and criminal fraud cases

Fraud detection

Fraud is mainly detected through;Positive pay Bank reconciliations Through internal and external Audits Watching and following warning signs Internal ControlsShred documents before discarding them.Limit Authorities Locking up important documentsLimit Access

Fraud Mitigation

Use of effective and updated anti-fraud technology. Using industry best practices to screen suspected employeesPromote an ethical working atmosphere.


Fraud can never be ridden from the society. If an individual finds his or herself in a position to commit such types of frauds then they have some comprehension of business and accounting. The individual must correct the fraudulent activity. Also focused on the individual’s job committing the crime is doing wrong to the company, consumers and the society at large.


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