Operational Strategies PowerPoint Presentation

Operational Strategies

Unit 4 Police Core Operational StrategiesIntroduction to Criminal Justice 101Purdue University Global


In this presentation I will explain the five core operational strategies of policing. Those include Preventative patrol, Routine incident response, Emergency response, Criminal investigation, Problem solving.

Preventative patrol

Preventive Patrol is a form of police service that directly attempts to eliminate opportunity for misconduct.Random and Scheduled patrols are done to help the community have a sense of security.Backbone of police work(Gerstenfeld, 2008), (Schmalleger, 2015)

Routine Incident Response

Officers respond to routine incidents; they collect all relevant information and produce a written report.This helps to restore order in the community.Examples of a routine incident would be a minor accident or a traffic violation. Officers collect information and typically follow that up with a written report.(Gerstenfeld, 2008), (Schmalleger, 2015)

Emergency response

These type of calls take priority over routine callsEmergency usually refers to a life in dangerRequire special traininga minor traffic accident IS NOT an emergency response call. (Gerstenfeld, 2008), (Schmalleger, 2015)

Criminal investigation

Criminal Investigations are usually done by detectives.They may not be the first one on the scene, but they fallow the case through to the end.(Gerstenfeld, 2008), (Schmalleger, 2015)

Problem solving

Problem solving is to reduce chronic offending in the community. Least strategy used by police agencies(Gerstenfeld, 2008), (Schmalleger, 2015)

Ancillary Operational Strategies

Keeps police agencies running operationalEnsures all resources are available for community useProperty and evidence controlEvidence keepingDispatchTraining for the fieldSupport services for the community and the agency(Gerstenfeld, 2008), (Schmalleger, 2015)

operational strategies to achieve crime fighting goals

(Gerstenfeld, 2008), (Schmalleger, 2015)

Law enforcement does their best to use their operational tactics whenever possible.Situations where emergency response is required.Identify and respond to routine cases such as traffic stopsPolice proceed with criminal investigations (Detectives)Problem Solving provides community cooperation and analysis.


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