CJ 102 Unit 4 Discussion – Trait Theories

Biological Approach

If crime, violence, or deviance were proven to be caused by one or more of the biological or psychological theories discussed within this unit’s reading on Trait Theories, what impact would this have on the criminal justice system? Include at least one theory or concept from the chapter on Trait Theories to support your response.

If crime, violence, or deviance were proven to be caused by the biological or psychological theories, the criminal justice system would be very different. I believe it would be less about prisons and incarceration and more about medical facilities or rehabilitation clinics. It is essentially saying that the individual is not responsible for their actions but is in fact born that way.

The genetic theory states that violence-producing traits are passed from generation to generation. Regardless, if the child is adopted and lives in a loving, non-violent home. If the parents, more specifically, the father is a criminal or violent than the child will be as well. Given that theory and if it were true across the board, they would have to change the way they run the criminal justice system.

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