United States Bill of Rights: Applications in Criminal Justice PowerPoint Presentation

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United States Bill of Rights:Applications in Criminal Justice



History of the Bill of RightsApplications of the Amendments in Criminal JusticeAmendments I-II, IV-VI, VIIIArguments advocating for the Death PenaltyArguments opposing the Death PenaltyMy opinion on the Death Penalty


History of the Bill of Rights

Anti-Federalists demanded a document that would spell out specific rights of the peopleJames Madison brought 17 Amendments through to Congress, which had been pared down to 12President Washington sent out copies of the 12 Amendments to the States on October 2, 1789The first 10 Amendments were ratified by ¾ of the States on December 15, 1791


Applications of the Amendments in Criminal Justice

How the Amendments are used in the Courts systemHow the Amendments regulate police procedureHow the Amendments regulate certain governmental functions where it pertains to Criminal Justice


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Amendment I


Amendment II


Amendment IV

The right for an individual to be secure in their personal effects against unreasonable search and seizureWarrants must be issued via probable causeWarrants must be supported by affirmationThe place must be described, as well as the items to be seized, in order to secure a warrantReasonable Expectation of Privacy


Amendment IV

Amendment V

Protection from being held for a crime without indictment by a Grand JuryMilitary personnel can be held accountable without a Grand Jury indictment during a national emergency or war.Guarantee of due processProtection against Double JeopardyProtection against forced self-incriminationThe process of taking away an individual’s personal property for public use must be compensated justly


Amendment VI

Individuals are guaranteed a speedy, public trialAn impartial juryIn the area where the crime was committedInformed of the nature and cause of the accusationConfront the witnessesAbility to gather witnesses to testify for the defendantRight to counsel


Amendment VIII


The Death Penalty

Federal and State statutes allow for several factors that a death sentence can be imposedMurderTreasonEspionageMurder for Hire


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Attorney’s Position on the Death Penalty


The Death Penalty Arguments


Opposing Arguments


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My Opinion on the Death Penalty

Justice to the families, the victim, and to societyAll possibilities of rehabilitation are exhaustedThe extent and brutality of the crimesThe morality involved in the utilization of the capital punishmentThe methods usedThe possibility of killing an innocent person


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