Strategic Plan Outcome Measurement Strategy

Strategic Plan Outcome Measurement Strategy for the City of Kelsey

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Mixed method – an approach to inquiry that combines or associates both qualitative and quantitative forms.

Mixed Methods


Goals 6-month– Participate in anti drug campaigns– Prepare and distribute community survey to correctly determine, address and reduce fear of crime1 Year– Research and develop a plan to work with victims to reduce repeat victimization– Continue to educate drivers of accident avoidance and child restraint systems– Work with neighborhoods in extending the Drug Take Back Program

Strategic Plan: The City of Kelsey

Goals2 Year Goal– Conduct educational outreach campaigns– Resume annual Citizen-Police Academy and Teen Academy classes3 Year Goals– Establish/renew the Crime Prevention Unit– Establish/enhance Computer Forensics Unit to meet existing and future needs– Coordinate annual emergency evacuation drills for all city departments

Strategic Plan: The City of Kelsey

Participate in anti drug campaigns

Examples of Measurement Outcome

(Before) # of campus officers: 2

(After) # of campus officers: 6

Juvenile interactions decline:40% to 31% of calls

Education of drivers: Accident Avoidance and Child Restraint Systems

Examples of Measurement Outcome

Number of children admitted to hospital

Number of citations issued for Child Seat Violations

Total number of accidents

Year 1 Annual: 423Year 3 Annual: 310

Decline of 17%

Decline of 9%

Justification of Measurements

Correct and update information

Officers interacting with the community

Resources available to the community

Trend of Outcome Results

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