CJS 245 Week 2 Crime Causation and Diversion Presentation

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Crime Causation and Diversion Presentation


How do the programs work to reduce juvenile crime?

Florida Youth Challenge Academy

Academy begins with a two phase program developed by the National Guard to assist in providing values, skills, education and self discipline to young people using the military model. Phase one: The residential phase will take place in a highly disciplined and motivationalenvironment. This phase will promote structure and academics. Followed by development of leadership, health, service to the community, life skills, job skills, physical fitness and citizenship. Phase two: The post residential phase takes place after graduation from the residential phase. During this time the youth uses the skills learned in the residential phase for their placement in either a job, further education, or the military. They are also provided with a mentor during the residential phase. The mentor will help guide the individual during the 12 month post residential phase.

PACE Center for Girls

Pace center for girls is a gender responsive model for girls and woman of middle and high school age. Provides gender responsive and trauma services.Assistance with academics, counseling, service learning, and career preparation. With utilization of strengths based approach the program harnesses the potential of each girl, while focusing on their future.

What are the programs’ major goals?

Florida Youth Challenge Academy

To provide a disciplined and motivational environment with no distractions. Promote academics, leadership, development, personal growth,and physical fitness for high school drop outs. Assist at risk youth to become successful productive citizens.

PACE Center for Girls

PACE provides all girls and young women assistance for a bright future incorporating: EducationCounselingTrainingAdvocacy

What are the programs’ objectives?

Florida Youth Challenge Academy

Teach skills needed and required in the real world:Life coping skills.Educational excellence.Health and Hygiene.Job Skills trainingPhysical FitnessLeadership and Follow shipCommunity involvement and service projects.

Pace Center for Girls

Academic Education: Pace provides academic education that is taught by certified teachers. All educational requirements align with the local school district. Create Partnerships: Development of effective partnership and relationships, while incorporating each individuals input to aid with decision making. Service Learning: Development of strong connections within the local community by incorporating community service and service learning opportunities.

What are the programs’ core beliefs?

Florida Youth Challenge Academy

Add value to society by allocating values, skills, education, and discipline to the youth, while incorporating the structure found in the military model.Providing opportunities for the youth that are attempting to overcome issue in their lives, such as being a high school dropout.

Pace Center for Girls

Honor the Female Spirit: Value and aid the female outlook by honoring its distinct needs, while providing a safe and gender responsive environmentsFocus on Strengths: Identify the strengths of each girl, family, staff member and supporter.Create Partnerships: Development of effective partnerships and relationships with the aid of staff, families, and community members, incorporating each person’s input and involving them in our decision-making process.

How do community-based programs address issues related to juvenile gang violence?

Prevention programs: Early childhood, school relate functions, afterschool initiatives. Intervention programs: To create a violence free zones, establish gang truces, and rehabilitate gang members in juvenile detention and correctional facilities.Suppression programs: It includes those that are focused on prosecution, police response, and tracking systems.

What is the role of law enforcement in the programs?

Court Referrals: Police Officers will be given the task to bring in or summon the young offender to the police department.Status Offenses: Police handle non criminal behavior such as skipping school, running away, and curfew violations.Education: Police Officers partner with educational officials and teachers to evaluate criminal behavior among the youth.

Who are the key participants in these programs?

Key participants: OffenderFamilyVictimsCommunity Service VolunteersCriminal Justice Professionals

What services do they provide to juveniles?

Counseling provided to individuals, groups, couples, family, or drug abusers.Employment assistance.Educational and Academic Aid.Community Service.Specialized Client Services.Intervention.

Which of the two programs is more effective at reducing juvenile crime? Why?

Pace Center For Girls:91% did not have any involvement with the criminal justice system within a year after departing the program.90% of girls showed academic improvement, while attending PACE.90% of girls remained in school, elevated to higher education, or were employed after leaving PACE.PACE is highly recognized as a model for decreasing recidivism, improving school success, employment and self-sufficiency for girls.

PACE Center for Girls

Small classes for more hand on teaching.Personal counselor is provided.Emotional support provided by staff and girls at PACE.Freedom to speak without being judged.Fun learning safe environment.

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