CM220 Unit 2 Assignment

Unit 2 Assignment

CM220 College Composition II

In todays society persuasion is common within your everyday life. I used this method to help a friend with a situation she was in. She wanted to apply for a job as a trainer but was too nervous to go do to the gym to apply because she did not want people to look at her and think she is too old for the job. She and I have been pen pals on Facebook for years because she sold ItWorks products to me. These products are dietary products that help with looking weight and keep the weight off. She has been apart of fitness groups and took classes for personal training. With her being in her late 40s she felt that she was going to be judge and looked at differently because even though she’s fit and knows everything there is to know about getting into shape, she felt her wrinkles and gray hairs would hold her back. I told her she was crazy, and that if she has the skills to get people into shape and love their bodies after working with her, then she should be so focused on the extra personal features that have nothing to do with her fitness. I told her that I would introduce her into a face toner that will lift her wrinkles, and my hair dresser that would make her look ten years younger. I finally met her a week later and persuaded her into going to the gym to at least investigate the training classes, and she did!

Professional context is a huge area where I have used persuasive communication. After I graduate from Purdue, I hope to become a social worker, with this job I will oversee keeping the staff as well as the individuals I am working with to keep on task, not just for me, but also help the children I will be working with. Currently I work as a house cleaner, but before this job A few years ago I worked as a front-end service leader at my local grocery store. While working as a supervisor I had many opportunity’s with persuasive communication. A good example of this is when I had an employee confront me with a great work place idea, he wanted to earn free lunch at least once a month. I liked this idea, so I ran it by my boss. Once my boss reviewed the idea, and wanted from to come from it, there must be a reason for the free lunch. So, I told the employee that in order to receive the free lunch, they must come up with 3 work safe idea. Once my boss was open to the idea, I had to take it to the high up staff such as the Company owner. I did so my writing a persuasive presentation as to why this idea so be passed, and after I did that they were take by the idea and happy to give it ago because there would be no harm in giving a free lunch and it provides individuals to work harder at their jobs.

The last type of persuasive communication I would like to talk about is academic writing. Ive never been great at College Composition, while I was taking college composition 1, I spent time writing weekly on our discussion boards, while doing so, we were communicating with other classmates. Unfortunately, I was always nervous to post, because I believed my work was never going to be understood. I was stunned at how friendly the classmates were to me, how welcoming they all were with my work. During one of my discussion posts, we had to work as a good and submit a project. While looking at my degree plan, I needed to take notes and find a way to combine that with the project. When I mentioned my topic to the classes I was concerned that it would get shit down. To my surprise, another class make was taking an IT course as well, having help from my classmates really gave me confidence throughout the course. Communication with her was so easy, we exchanged phone numbers and email and it gave us so much time to open and give each other feedback on our ideas. With the capability to get help from others, I came up with an idea and was so thrilled to post it. After posting my idea everyone was happy with it and with that, we all brought everyone’s posts together and created an amazing final draft. Once we submitted the final draft, I am not going to lie, I was so nervous about how the grading would go. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I got an A. Today when I must talk on the discussion post, I am not as nervous or scared as I was before, and I have much more confidence.

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