CMIT 425 Week 4 Essay

Week 4 Essay Questions Question 1 Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) is a protocol used by IPv4 (Internet Protocol Version 4) to map IP network addresses to the hardware addresses used by a data link protocol. This protocol is used when IPv4 is used over Ethernet and operates as a part of the interface between the …

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CMIT 425 Week 3 Essay

Week 3 Essay Questions   Question 1 As the internet, and technology connected, grows, so does the need for security tools. Cryptography, a highly-used tool for security enhancement, is the technique of storing and transmitting data in a unique fashion so only the intended reader, can read it. Cryptography is achieved through the process of …

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CMIT 425 Week 1 Essay

Week 1 Essay Questions Question 1 From a quantitative perspective, where monetary and numeric values are assigned to company assets, businesses use metric formulas in a five-step process to complete risk analysis. These steps are: 1) Assign value to assets, 2) Estimate potential loss per threat, 3) Perform threat analysis, 4) Derive the overall loss …

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CMIT 425 Week 2 Essay

Week 2 Essay Questions Mattie Ice 18 January 2017 Question 1 When storing information on a network, it is best to identify and categorize the information by levels of importance to save money and narrow focus of security measure. To achieve this goal, businesses/organizations are using Data Classification Systems to effectively categorize and separate information. …

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