“Should Children Under the Age of 10 Own Cell Phones” Outline

“Should Children Under the Age of 10 Own Cell Phones” Outline


Topic: Should Children Under the Age of 10 Own Cell Phones


Do you remember when a cell phone was not of importance as a child. I remember as a child playing outside enjoying the sunshine. Now that time has changed everyone has a cell phone in their hands.

The goal is to inform reasons children under a certain age should have access to a cell phone

Thesis Statement Children from all over the world has access to some type of technology device. However, children under the age 10 should own a cell phone because it helps to develop cognitive skills, expand the gain of educational knowledge, and safety purpose.

I. First Main Point – Cognitive Skills- Process of thinking

A. The importance of this skills helps children to help their surroundings—a lifetime.

B. Proper use of cell phone benefit a child to think, memory, learn, and focus.

C. “Cognitive skills prepare learners how to perform in actual workforce environments. (COGNITIVE SKILLS: A Modest Way of Learning through Technology, 2012)

II. Second Main Point – Educational Perspective

III. Third Main Point – Safety

  • Gain access to various resources for homework help.
  • Create a stronger academic habit.
  • “Technologies, when used appropriately in the classroom, have the potential to create student centered learning environments where teachers have a more facilitative role (Jonassen, Peck & Wilson, 1999). (The Only Thing We Have to Fear is… 120 Characters, 2012)

A. Cell phone acts as a precaution in case of emergency.

B. Parents can monitor the child phone with use of app.

C. Family dialogue.


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