“Employee of the Month” Outline

Employee of the Month” Outline

Topic: Employee of the Month


What does it mean to be recognized in the workplace? It is to acknowledge a person or persons work ethic and behavior. Recognition should never go unnoticed and be of importance to any work environment.

Today my speech will be to enlighten everyone of my acceptance of the employee of the month award.

Thesis Statement – The reason for this speech is to accept employee of the month award while expressing my gratitude to staff, give words of encouragement and how to continue employee recognition.

I. First Main Point – Expressing Gratitude

A. Staff and Leadership

B. Family and Friends

C. Opportunity as a recipient

II. Second Main Point – Words of encouragement

A. Focus and devotion

B. Team player

C. The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination—Albert Einstein

III. Third Main Point – Recognition

A. Promotes positive work environment

B. Employee turnover rate (low)

C. Company goals


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