After review of the HCAP scores and NRS survey submissions, last quarter there was an increase in negative reviews from the NRS, specifically pertaining to the mother child units here at Jersey Shore University Medical Center and there has been a significant fall in HCAP scores, on the same unit. Child birth in itself is supposed to be a beautiful, memorable, and rewarding time for new parents; these negative remarks and decreasing scores show these birthing experiences to be anything but that. This is of imminent concern, as we strive to serve our patients with compassion and make sure their experience becoming new parents is rewarding and memorable. I have conducted an internal review that was comprised of peer shadowing, anonymous survey data collections, and hands on involvement on the units, over the past sixty days. What was found through this review process was one main factor, our own employee engagement. With these negative patient experiences scores decreasing and number of complaints rising, I feel very strongly intervention is needed within this unit.

To help remind our nurses on the mother child unit, labor and delivery, and the neonatal intensive care unit, we must do our best to create a culture where these nurses know they are on the same team, they are creating an experience for their patient, and ensure they know their value in treatment. Employee engagement (morale) can be give a boost, according to an article written by administrators at California Community College, by stating simply, “thank you,” for a job well done, dropping a small note of recognition when you catch someone doing something right, knowing the names of all the members on our team (taking notice to who they are), small tokens of appreciate (a pin or a sticker), team building pot luck luncheons, regular mandatory team meetings with agendas that include employee driven ideas (Baker & Coll, 1996), and most importantly providing them with the tools the need to be successful.

As the ambassador for the mother and child units, I will take the lead on setting the expectation on the units and begin working directly with the Nurse Managers, Assistant Nurse Managers, and Charge Nurses to ensure effective and productive measures are taken, as outlined above, to increase employee engagement, and improve our patients’ overall experiences. We should expect to see a steady increase in HCAP scores in real time and a steady decline in formal patient complaints to the NRS as these new procedural changes are brought down by leadership.

I appreciate your taking the time to understand the scores and for allowing me to oversee the improvement plan. Please feel free to let me know if you should require any additional information regarding the improvement plan.

Best Wishes,

Lindsay Godsil

Experience Ambassador


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