Crime and Violence PowerPoint Presentation

Crime and Violence Presentation


Major sources of Violence

Being poor contributes to robbery because stealing it is a lot faster than trying to find and hold a job. Some criminals steal for the thrill and to show off what they have to friends.Murder, assault, and rape could be from bad subconscious attitudes or anger issues. Kids that experience violence while growing up in their homes could grow up with subconscious thoughts that make them do harmful things when angry. Some crimes could carry down from generation to generation.

Other crimes are thought out for personal gain or vengeance. A criminal may kill someone over a feud or disdain. The need for control makes some people carry out crimes in the work area.Some steal or hurt people because of jealously or envy.

Identify and describe types of crime.

Personal Crimes –These are “offenses against the person” Crimes that result in physical or mental harm to another person.Some examples of personal crimes are Assault, battery, kidnapping, homicide, and rape.

Property Crimes –These are “offenses against property” May not involve harm to another individual, but could interfere with a persons right to use or enjoy their property.Some examples of property crimes areLarceny, robbery, burglary, arson, embezzlement, forgery, false pretenses, receipt of stolen goods.(Continued)

Statutory Crimes A violation of a specific state or federal statute and can involve either property offenses or personal offenses. Some examples of statutory crimes are-Alcohol-related crimes like drunk driving (DUI)Selling alcohol to an underage person.

Inchoate CrimesCrimes that were started, but not completed.Some examples of inchoate crimes areAttempt (Attempted robbery)SolicitationConspiracy

Describe ethics, law, and morality associated with public order crimes.

Public Order Crimes are based on societal norms, so definition may vary depending on the community. In some areas public order crimes may or may not include – Underage sex, disrupting funeral services, porno-related crimes, or private recreational drug use.

Crimes against public order are crimes that society frown upon because they are not the normal.These crimes are completely against the norms in society. People can be changed with public order crimes if their behavior is thought to be “ harmful”Some examples of crimes against public order is drug crimes, prostitution, and disorderly conduct.

Legal penalties for these crimes also varies depending on what the crime is. The punishment is normally split into two groups – Minor Crimes :Lesser charges, may result in misdemeanor charges or citations. Offenders may pay a small money amount or serve a short jail term.

Serious Crimes :Can result in felony chargesOffenders could pay a higher money amount or serve longer jail time.

Crimes against morality are those in which the moral health of society is injured.AdulteryProstitutionObscenity

In your opinion, identify the motivational factors of the offender in personal versus property crimes and what psychological or sociological perspectives affect the behavior.

The motivational factors for personal are just that personal. The majority of the time these only affect the other person that the crime is against. While society frowns on these as long as there has been no violence related to these, they are for less harmful.In property crimes, these affect almost everyone because the person doing the crime has no regards for the loss that many will suffer as a result of the crime.It is my personal opinion that all crime is wrong no matter what level.

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