Juvenile and Adult Courts A Comparative Analysis Presentation

Juvenile and Adult Courts:A Comparative Analysis Presentation

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The evolving Juvenile Justice System Juvenile Justice System focuses on rehabilitation, rather than punishmentGault decision Adjudicating youth to the adult system.

Overview of the Juvenile Justice System

Established in 1899Made progress in the growth and development of policiesFocus on rehabilitation

Juvenile and Adult Court key differences

Juvenile CourtsChildren Rehabilitation and Reform Delinquent rather than guilty Sealed/Limitations on Criminal RecordsInformal

Adult CourtsAdultsPunishmentPlea innocent or guiltyPublic access to Criminal RecordsFormal

Effects of the Gault decision

In Re Gault CaseLandmark in Juvenile Court historyGault decision was established under the Fourteenth Amendment to the US ConstitutionSimilar rights as the Adult Courts

Role and Authority of the Judge

Review the cases of juvenileMake final sentencing and punishment decisions based on case review

Role and Authority of the Prosecuting Attorney

Civil and Criminal ProceedingsControl over waiver and/or intake decisionsHandles methods of rehabilitation chosen for juvenile

Role and Authority of the Court-Appointed Special Advocate

Volunteers Special Guardian Seek the youth’s best interest

Role and Authority of the Defense Counsel

Defend juvenile’s expressed interests Educate all involved with the juvenile’s case about expressed interests of the juvenile

Role and Authority of Probation Officers

Huge influence on handling juvenilePart of the development of treatment and punishmentAssists in the report submission to the court

Elements of a Risk and Needs Assessment for Juveniles

Risk and Needs Assessments are instruments used to help evaluate the risk of recidivism, as well as evaluating which services a youth may require.

Adjudication- Juvenile to Adult Court System

Officers make referrals of youth to recommend courses of action Prosecutors make reports of all dynamics pertaining to each caseA petition can be made to help support or encourage the needs for transition into the adult court systemAn evaluation period where the youth is being assessed and evaluated based on behaviors (investigative report) The judge has the final say in the decision making


Juvenile justice system first established to protect public and rehabilitate youthRehabilitation methods develop and changeJJS assesses needs and risks of juvenilesAdjudication begins with officer upon arrest and ends with either prosecutor or judge


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