Crime and Violence PowerPoint Presentation

Crime and violence

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Violence and violent crimeActs of extreme aggressionOffender forcefully harm the victimCan also threaten to use force against the victim.Can result in immature deathSurvivors suffer from physical painVictims are as a result of witnessing, hearing about it or direct involvementReasons for engaging in violence and crime differ between individuals

Major sources of violence



Abuse or Neglect

Peer influence

Lack of attention

Violent families

Weapon access

Low self-esteem

Motivation of Violence


Why Crime?

Express Anger




Types of Crimes

Crimes Types


Against Persons


White collar



Trafficking and manufacture of drugs: heroin, cocaine, ecstasy

AssaultBattery False ImprisonmentKidnappingHomicide

LarcenyRobberyBurglaryArsonEmbezzlementForgeryReceipt of stolen goods

Insider tradingTax evasion Embezzlement

Drunk driving Selling alcohol to minors

Attempt SolicitationConspiracy

Ethics, law, morality and public order crimes

Public order crimes Actions that don’t conform to general society’s moral values and normal behavior Moral values Commonly accepted society standards considered wrong and rightProstitution and use of drugs Ethics Moral principles that guides one’s behavior LawSystem of rules created to regulate behavior Enforceable

Motivational factors in personal and property crimes

Personal crimeRevenge and Jealousy Grudge IgnoranceDominance Property crimes Inadequate securityPoverty and substance abusePeer group pressurePsychological motivations such as things of the past Grudge and jealousy Sociological motivations Peer group pressure

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