crime is not a problem lethal violence in America is

“crime is not a problem – lethal violence in America is.”

In this book, Franklin Zimring and Gordon Hawkins try their best in changing the minds of the readers on how they think about the crime and violence. They modify the way that the readers think about violence and justice. The writers try to force the reads to distinguish between the justice and the crimes. Throughout their writings, the writers demonstrate that the crime rates in the united states can be compared to any other states without the influenced on whether the state is industrialized or not. The comparison can only be made on lower cases, but when it comes to greater cases, the industrialized nation has the larger number of robberies which cannot be compared to the number of robberies in the United States. London and the New York cities are comparable since they have the same number of the robberies and those who are doing the burglaries. By correctly making the distinction between the crime and the lethal violence the authors identify the real ground for the crisis that arises in the society of the United States. This paper will seek to analyzed on the statement that “crime is not a problem – lethal violence in America is,”

The above term simply describes the degree of the crime rates in the United States. The expression is a description on the distinction between the crime and the violence that occurs in the American territories. The only thing that matters in the crime rates is not its overall analysis but what matters are the exceptional violence cases of crimes. According to one of the British Journal of the criminology, the crimes that are being performed in the United States are mostly as a result of the violence or are related in some ways. The explanation of the crime will, therefore, be a general term when it is used to mean as a problem to the American state. In fact, violence crimes dominate all other forms of the crimes, and in that case, therefore, it is considered to be a problem. The phrase “crime is not a problem – lethal violence in America is,” actually means according to the journals that most the crimes that are reported are linked to the violence or another situation that relates to the violence.

The brilliant analysis that was given by the Professors Zimring and Hawkins in regards to the actual violence in the United States gives a distinction between the two terms that are used to describe an unlawful act. Crime and the lethal violence has been differentiated we according to the current analysis. Letha violence is the key cause of the crime and it, therefore, means crime can be defined as violence when referring to the specific act that was done. The two authors offer a unique insight of the expression that came is not a problem; the problem is the common act of violence that is happening in the United States. About the causes of the general crime rates, the two dilemma expression can easy be differentiated when one pays attention to it.

“Crime Is Not the Problem’’ is an expression that promotes the attempt of finding a solution to cases that are relating to the crime and the violence. Researchers on the two terms are still going on, social science and other forms of data can be used to determine the forms at which the occurrence of the crime and violence can be prevented. The meaning of the statement simply implies that taking of the two will need a concentration on the causes of the crimes. The attempt to establish the strategy for dealing with al the causes of the crimes inspires the writers to look at the insight of the issue keenly. Their expression that violence is the problem in the United States means that the main causes of the cases that are normally reported are from the violence initiatives. They are mainly resulting from a violence act.

Throughout the book, the authors try to explain on why the war against the crime always fails or misses the marks. It demonstrates that the life-threatening violence is not related to the identified crimes level of the country. The lethal violence is of greater number compared to other non-lethal criminals’ number. The domination of this number of cases makes lethal violence to be considered as a problem in the United States. The book written by the two writers aims at providing the path at which the nation will explore to end the occurrence of the crimes. Zimring and Hawkins in their book try to give the lights at which the government will concentrate when trying to eliminate any further occurrence of the crimes.

Zimring and Hawkins book gives the bare characteristics of lethal violence. The book is much important for a person who’s attempting to establish o requiring developing a strategy for dealing with the lethal violence. Lethal violence is a serious problem that can make the society server. The book illustrates much on the lethal violence terming it as the problem in the United States. The guidelines at which the strategy can be developed which deal with various problems relating to the lethal violence can be obtained from this book. In the book, Zimring and Hawkins express clearly on the clarity between the crimes level and the lethal violence. They also express the kind of intelligence that the two terms will require to get rid of outside the society. Crimes such as on the drug wars, prison policy, and the deterrence have been fully discussed in the book, and the possible solution has been identified. Since the crimes topic has been discussed one by one, there are some insights that one can earn from it.

Zimring and Hawkins express their views throughout the book that the rate of crimes is not significant in America as compared to the other industrialized nation. In this case, lethal violence becomes a major problem to the United States. The authors in their book persuasively claim that the Americans live in an environment where guns are used, these means that the society is full of the lethal violence. They gave a lot of suggestion in the book that can lead to the change in the illustration that crime is not a problem, but instead, lethal violence is a problem. All the information that is written in this book explains why the lethal violence should be considered as a problem. From the federal state statistics, violence is great as compared to other forms of criminal acts.


Zimring, F. E., & Hawkins, G. (1999) Crime is not the problem: Lethal violence in America. Oxford University Press