CS 1010 Unit II Homework Assignment

CS 1010

Unit II Homework Assignment

Operating Systems Descriptions Pros Cons
1. iOS iOS is a mobile operating system used for iPhones and iPads. System security is designed so that both software and hardware are secure across all core components of every iOS device. There is no file manager for this operating system which allows for better security. This operating system is known to be reliable and more secure than others. Very limited multitasking capabilities exist. There is a limit on the applications that can be used. This operating system is designed for one user at a time
2. Android Android is a mobile operating system that runs on smartphones and tablets This operating system is an open-source operating system which allows for better security as security experts around the world can review code, develop and deploy new security technology, and contribute to Android’s protections. Very limited multitasking capabilities exist with this operating system. This operating system allows access to a file system which makes it vulnerable to viruses and attacks
3. OS X OS X is an operating system developed by Apple. This operating system powers Macs & is used for desktops and laptops. This operating system is based on UNIX. UNIX has protection memory features that limit glitches. It’s operating system is based on UNIX, it is very secure with few security holes. This operating system has fewer selections for gamers
1. Video Software Video editing software helps you import a series of video clips from a camera or other video source, arrange the clips in the order of your choice, add transitions between clips, and add an audio track. Additional capabilities of video editing software include: transfer footage from camera to computer hard disk, split video into smaller clips, rearrange clips, add still photos, ass transitions between clips, add soundtracks
Music software offers numerous ways to run with music, sound effects, and narration from your desktop, laptop, or handheld computer. It has the capabilities that include: music downloads and other sound files, play music and sound files, create playlists, transfer music to handheld devices, convert audio CDs into digital music, record music and narrations, edit volume, speed, and quality of digital recordings, crop and mix recordings, stream radio music to your computer, identify songs playing on the radio, and voice training.
Graphics software is designed to help users create, manipulate, and print graphics. Graphics refers to any picture, drawing, sketch, photograph, image, or icon. Some graphics software products allow you to specialize in a particular type of graphic, while others allow you to work with multiple formats. Examples of graphics software include: paint software such as Microsoft Paint, photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop, and drawing software such as Adobe Illustrator
Desktop publishing software include Adobe InDesign, Scribus, Microsoft Publisher, and QuarkXPress. Desktop publishing frames give a user exact control over the position of text and graphical elements on a page.
Business software is a broad term that can be grouped into two software categories; vertical market software and horizontal market software. Vertical market software is designed to automate specialized tasks and includes hospital patient management and billing software, construction industry job estimating software, and student record management. Horizontal market software is a generic software that just about any kind of business can use such as payroll, accounting, and project management companies. “Number crunching” software, such as statistical and mathematical modeling software are used for planning and analysis and can be used to create numeric models by simply entering values, labels, and formulas

3. Demonstrate that you can manage files on your computer by looking at the files on your computer and locating at least five files or folders that should be renamed or relocated to improve the organization and make it easier to locate information on your computer. Take a screenshot of the “before” look of the files, and take a screenshot of “after” you make changes to your files. Copy and paste the screenshots into this template.

4. Browse and search the Internet for public domain software. View the software’s requirements and then check your computer system. Will this software run on your system? Why, or why not?

5. Download a free mobile app that has a practical use. Write an evaluation of the app. If you do not have the capability to download an app, choose an app, research it, and write an evaluation based on your research. Genius Scanner is my mobile download requires an iOS 11.0 or later and compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. I would give it an B rating for being user friendly and completing my overall needs. After looking into it more it looks as most people agree being it has an 4.9 out 5.0 rating.


a. Application
b. System
c. Office
d. Utility
e. Device
f. Languages
g. Security
h. Antivirus


a. Memory
b. Program
c. Leak
d. Directories & Files
e. Root
f. Physical Files
g. Sectors
h. File
i. Multiprocessing
j. Command
k. Graphical

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