Appropriate Behavior Expectations Case study


ECE201: Intro to Early Childhood Behavior Management (ACP1224A)



In this we will deal with the way of handling children in his first entry to a classroom. The three expectations for appropriate classroom behavior for young children is

Therefore the example is considered as, Ron enters the class and went straight to the aquarium and didn’t put his things in their proper place and came late to the circle. Ron is sprawling all over the carpet making noises as he was been distracted and unsettle and that is because he didn’t get the chance to settle in with the rest of the children on Monday. Because he was late as he was transferred from another school district in mid October. This is because he was immediately put into a new environment with new children, so that he could not get proper introduction at this point. The teacher was new to Ron and also so he didn’t know what her expectation was at the time of his arrival. I would state my expectation clearly so that Ron could understand what are the expectations of him and the rest of the class on a daily.

  • How to enter the classroom at the start of each day
  • Putting their things away in its proper place
  • Been seat in there assign seat

I would make sure that I introduce each child to Ron by name because he missed out on this at the start of the week. He has now been introduced to all of his classmates properly .From now I would expect Ron to follow all classrooms rules as all the others children do. I know expecting Ron to trust me now is easy as we have build this relationship and to be more open with me and his classmates and to be more open to his new environment and the new changes. I would expect at a better relationship with his peers and be better behaved.

One suggestion is that Ms. Bosco can implement for each of Ron’s goals stating expectations which would give clearly, the suggestion that would be helpful in meeting Ron’s goals. So that they could better understand each other and what is he expecting of him on a daily basis. Therefore Ms. Bosco can have a smooth running class and a stress free classroom and each child can learn what they need to learn on a daily basis and Ron can achieve what he need to be successful in moving on to the next level.


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