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ECE 203: Intro to Cur & Inst for the Early Child Classroom (ACQ1249A)



In this the successful implementation for any of the curriculum activity plan includes the thoughtful planning along with the hard work in various levels in an effective manner. Thus the experience that is attained from certain field clearly suggests the critical thoughts in using various investigations to improve its teaching with the learning for all children (Jackman, 2012).

The various components used in this activity plan are given as providing various professional developments for the teachers involved in students learning in an efficient way then helping the teachers to support range of learners in the classroom effectively.

This also makes the explicit with the early algebraic ideas in curriculum along with the opportunities to explore it efficiently providing some regular opportunities for the students in order to discuss with the ideas and also to review, practice them easily It also support families in case of learning related with the curriculum along with the child’s thinking It also suggests the children’s literature for the teachers and also families effectively.

Therefore this form of Curriculum in classroom section mainly supports the teachers along with the leaders in case of understanding importance of various features in order to support the teaching and also learning. Then the assessment of children’s learning with the development in them will be considered as a part of information that will be required to evaluate program effectively. Thus the evaluation processes will also identify the environment for providing the needs of all children in its childhood setting (Edwards, 2010).

This also includes the curriculum regarding the learning experiences of children in an efficient manner. Therefore this is used as a guide for the young children as it includes the needed details for a curriculum activity of children. It also explains about the practices that must be handled for this activity. Thenit covers activities of children’s while other one describes the activities of young children in all areas. Thus the planning activity in it describes the children following the curriculum activity.

It is also mainly important that curriculum as a whole with some range of experiences are clearly modified if they have any trouble in meeting the certain needs of children along with the goals of curriculum.

Therefore the purpose of assessment is used to give some useful information regarding the children’s learning with the development given to adults providing some program with the children and families.

This assessment of the children’s learning with the development also includes the intelligent observation of children by means of some experienced and also some knowledgeable adults for improving program of these activity plans. Therefore this assessment also occurs minute by minute as each adults tends to listen, watch and will also interact with individual child or a groups.

This form of the continuous observations will also provide them with the basis of information with the in-depth assessment along with the evaluation in making decisions to meet their children’s needs effectively (Neeraja, 2003). Therefore the curriculum activities are also evaluated in an effective manner.

Thus each of the activity plans supports various learning standards as the in-depth assessment mainly requires the adults to observe certain changes in the children’s behavior with learning to link the curriculum goals effectively. This also provides some form of activity which helps in increasing the behavior of children. Therefore the assessment also contributes the evaluation, with the development of some programs in an effective manner.


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