ECE 203 week 4 assignment


ECE 203: Intro to Cur & Inst for the Early Child Classroom (ACQ1249A)



The various resources that are used for planning of curriculum and the learning activities for young children are given as

This book includes the small introduction about the learning experiences of children in an efficient manner. Therefore this book is found as a guide for the young children as it includes the needed details for a curriculum activity of children. First part of book explains about the practices that must be handled for this activity. The second part of the book covers activities of children’s while third part describes the activities of young children in all areas. Thus the last part describes the children following the curriculum activity.

  1. Christine Hobart; Jill Frankel(2005) a practical guide to activities for young children Cheltenham: Nelson Thornes, 2005.

This book explains the various activities for specific learning styles effectively. This consists of the extended discussion on multiple intelligences. It also consists of various concepts of government given to young children’s.

  1. Mary Mayesky(2012)Creative activities for young children Belmont, CA: Wadsworth Cengage Learning, ©2012.

This book consists of the curriculum that is needed for the development of young children. It also consists of chapter which encourages the children to be more innovative in their learning style. Finally it explains the relationship that is between the teachers and families in an efficient way.

  1. Hilda L Jackman (2012)Early education curriculum: a child’s connection to the world Belmont, CA: Wadsworth Cengage Learning, ©2012.

This book guides the child care students along with the practices to take care of the children in their development stages. It also explains about the awards for the child care activity in an effective manner. It also explains the responsibility of a worker in taking care of children.

  1. Marian Beaver (2001)Babies and young children: diploma in child care and education Cheltenham: N. Thornes, 2001

This book gives details about the effective childhood program with explanation. It also has various childhood programs which will be helpful in growth of the young children. This includes the planning activity with the goals that can be achieved in growth of young children.

  1. Carla F Berry, Lynn Sweat (1993)Planning a theme-based curriculum (1993) Glenview, IL: Good Year Books, ©1993

This book includes the various researches that are related to activities of young children. It also consists of the play and methods in relation with the planning activity. This consists of the tutoring techniques of the children with the play activities. It also consists of the suggestions with the additional concepts for children.

  1. Sandra J Stone (2005) Playing: a kid’s curriculum, 1001 activities for young children Glenview, IL: Good Year Books, 2005.