ECE 312 week 4 discussion 21

Week 4 discussion 2

The first week in school is normally knowing the teachers, children and parents. It is a time for them to personally introduce each other to one another. The best and effective strategy is to ensure that each one of the two main parties, teachers and parents, know what is expected of one another. This will mark the beginning of home and school relationship. Over a period of ten months from the first week, there are several strategies that can be implemented to foster home and school relationship. The first is ensuring that the parent checks into the school regularly to check the progress of their children. This is beneficial to both the kid and parent. The second strategy is to ensure that the parent is always in communication and in touch with the parent. Teaching the parent in case they don’t know how to handle their kid is another strategy that can be implemented. Teachers sometimes visiting the children’s home can be a good strategy that can foster good home and school relationship. The other way that school-home based learning can be achieved is by teachers and parents agreeing on how they should raise and teach the child on how to raise the child when at home. Making the child always feel at home is also one of them by providing the right environment that resembles a homestead. There are several benefits to this, both short term and long term. One of them is that the student will develop and grow adequately when all the parties involved come together for the benefit of the child. The children will develop wholly according to how they are required to.

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