Developmental Milestone

Developmental Milestone

ECE 332 Child development

My daughter Willayjah was born on November 29,2015, she was born in Northwest regional hospital. Willayjah weighs 6 pounds 7 ounces and was 18 inches long. As a new born Willayjah begin to hear sound inside the womb and could recognize my voice at birth. Willayjah could tell the difference between sweet and sour tastes, sense more pleasant smells and comfort warm and soft touch. At birth all babies want to do is eat and sleep. Everybody that was familiar to her was the one that gave her milk and made her feel warm and safe. She continued this until she became two months old then she begins to smile at people she remembered.

Now she is 3 months old she started to smile so that other people would smile back at her. She was able to raise her head and chest when she has tummy time. She was able to reach for things that she wanted but couldn’t grip them. She tried getting toys but cannot get them yet. She is now 4 months and she can reach out to the world around her. She has mastered her hands. She has notice that when she cries someone will to get her or come to feed her.

Now at 4 months she notices that when she is on her tummy she can roll over. At 5 months she starts to laugh and make sounds. She can reach out and grab items such as, your earrings, hair, or toys and objects. Now at 6 months she can sit up and control her head. She is now seeing mommy and daddy and she love to cuddle with us. Willayjah can now scoot across the floor using her arms to pull herself to anything she sees like toys.

Willayjah is now 7 months she can sit up, which makes it easier for her to play with her toys. She can look across the room and crawl where she wants to go and is able to pull up on things. She is eight months now and she is sitting without support and able to respond to the word “No” by stopping and looking at who said the word she is now saying “Mama and Dada”.

Now she is 9 months she can clap and play hand games. She can pull up and have a standing position for a few seconds. Now currently as her mom I must make sure that I have child proof everywhere. I must also keep everything clean because she is able to put things in her mouth because she is teething.

Now she is 10 months, she is beginning to feed herself. She can pick up a spoon, chips and then put them in her mouth. She notices that she has hair and she can pull it and she can also notice that her feet move when you are holding both of her hand. She thinks she can walk and is able to wave bye.

She is 11 months now, she is saying a few words and mama and dada have become specific name for her dad and me. She is moving around the room on her feet while holding on to some. She dies not crawl much anymore. Instead she tries walking.

Now it is her first birthday party she is one. She is walking, talking, she is pretending and playing by copying what she sees me doing. She loves to pretend like she is talking to her granny and grandpa on the phone.


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