Philosophy of Multicultural Education

Assignment 1: Philosophy of Multicultural Education

EDU 512: Diversity in K-12 Education

The Human Relation Approach “engenders positive feelings among diverse students, promotes group identity and pride for students of color, reduces stereotypes, and works to eliminate prejudice and biases” (Banks & Banks, 2012).

Human Relation Approach

Teachers have been known to have students complete “All about me” activities which give students the opportunity to learn about one another.

Theory in Action

The multicultural Education Approach is designed to reduce prejudice and discrimination amongst oppressed groups, and tries to work towards equal opportunities for all groups.

Multicultural Education Approach

I have utilized this approach is by teaching about different cultures and having the student’s complete activities that celebrate the different cultures. For example, when celebrating the Spanish culture, we made different types of foods for the students to taste.

Theory in Action

The purpose of the Multicultural Social Justice Education Approach is to “is to prepare future citizens to take action to make society better serve the interests of all groups of people, especially those who are of color, poor, female, or have disabilities” (Banks & Banks, 2012).

Multicultural Social Justice Education

Theory in Action

Grade Level- Third GradeStudents will research their culture and interview older members of their families and find out family traditions and ideals that have been passed on. Students will present their findings using technology, and will use the information gathered to develop a family tree.

Human Relations Approach

Students will pair with peers to develop a KWL chart on the culture of their partner.

Getting to Know You!

Students will compare/contrast their culture with the culture of a group of peers and complete a Venn Diagram of their findings.

Similarities & Differences

Teachers can implement “All about Me” activities so that students can teach each other about themselves. Teachers can read books that talk about different cultures. Teachers can come up with learning opportunities that require students to work with one another.

Strategies for Integrating Technology

Teachers should take the time to build relationships with and

Personal Philosophy of Multicultural Education

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