Religion in Schools

Religion in Schools




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Religion in Schools

Religion in schools has become an emotive subject in religion, with growing philosophical disagreements and clashing worldviews. According to The American Civil Laws Union, The American constitution has given students in public schools the right to pray, either individually or in groups, as well as the freedom to discuss their religious views, as long as they arenโ€™t disruptive, with their peers. The Establishment Clause is not applicable to purely private speech, therefore students enjoy the right to read religious books, say a prayer before meals and tests, as well as discussing religion with other students who are willing to listen.

These practices are set to influence the culture of religion in the American schools (Hemming, 2015). This is because the public prayers that used to be held in the schools had an effect on non-religious student of that school. Hemming (2015 reveals that there might have been something to do with the public prayer in school children conversions, and says that the abolition of public prayer is a step towards the end of such conversions. The culture of religion in schools is slowly fading away, and in several years might be completely wiped out of the education system. The students who conduct private prayers in schools could be a minority fraction in the public schools, thus might ultimately face stigmatization from their peers.

The schools will in future be completely free of religion, and secularism might just take over the schools. The practices of praying before meals and tests will be seen as awkward, and will soon be completely abolished, if the legislations are anything to go by. Although religious influence in schools has declined because of this piece of legislation, the influence is set to decrease more.


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