I Will Be a Great Educator

I Will Be a Great Educator

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I Will Be a Great Educator

An educator must possess a number of essential qualities to be GREAT. He or she must have the right personality, lots of patience with a sense of humor, be creative with flexibility, and dedication. These qualities I possess will make me a great educator.

My personality would be described as passionate, sincere and reliable. The parents know I am passionate about teaching their children. I unknowingly had one to two parents observe my circle time interaction with the children. I always get the children involved by having them search and bring objects such as yellow blocks, red trucks, purple bean bags, or paper circles and share with their friends on the circle rug. My parents know I am sincere towards the children and their feelings. Often in the classroom the children would hit or bite one another. I would take both children to the library center to talk. We would talk out our feelings and I would go over our classroom rule of “we keep our hands, our feet, and our teeth to ourselves!” The parents know I am reliable and they can depend on me to help their child feel safe in the classroom. Drop offs can be hard on the child (as well as the parents). I like to reassure my children with hugs, smiles, high fives, or letting them play in a chosen centers.

As a great educator I have lots of patience with a good sense of humor. I enjoy working with young children and I know that each child is unique.As a great educator I am creative and flexible. I enjoy participating in art projects with the children as they use their creative imaginations. There are times I have to adjust the lesson plans due to weather or a situation that threw off the day. One rainy day the children were supposed to learn how to shoot the basket ball (outside activity for the day). Several of the children became sad because of the rain. I gladly took two trash cans and placed them along the wall so the children were able to play basket ball and they were extremely happy.

As a great educator I am dedicated to teaching the children. I believe in what I am doing. I care about the progress and well being of each child in my classroom. I strive to make every day a positive one for my children. Teaching isn’t a job to an educator, it’s a calling. It’s a passion and commitment and a desire to amplify the voices and dreams of the many children who lives touch them as much as the educator touches theirs. (Sackstein, S. (2016).


Sackstein, S. (2016). Teachers vs. Educators: Which are you? Retrieved from http://blogs.edweek.org/teachers/work_in_progress/2016/05/teachers_vs_educators_which_ar.html?i (Links to an external site)

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