Sexual and Gender Minorities in Multicultural Education Approaches to Curricular Reform

Approaches to Curricular Reform





Approaches to Curricular Reform

There have been several approaches which have been done to the curricular that are made for the integration of the ethics. There are several approaches made in order to create interventions and renovations to the curriculum in school. It is very important to make changes in schools in order to include the current ideas. These approaches provide an insight that education should be learner centered in that the needs and interests of the learner should be highly considered. The curriculum is trying to meet the needs of all the young people so that it can be beneficial to them. There is one approach which tries to explain the important of including the views of teachers and learners.

There is an innovative approach to the reformation of curriculum to school whereby it has inquiries from the mind project. This innovative approach considers the views of the learners and the teachers to be effective. It tries to include these views to the curriculum in order to change the education in schools (Hopmann,2003). The schools have adapted to the changing roles to the development of the curriculum. The National curriculum in both primary and secondary schools has been consumed whereby the curriculum in these schools has been reviewed. The Enquiring mind project has done a lot in education sector which came with a wide range of initiatives, inquiries and reviews bringing sense of curriculum in schools.

In conclusion, education needs a wide range of ideas and diverse curricula. Some of the approaches may accomplish certain curricular objectives but not all. It is important to support national curriculum into our school whereby the students need to be supported in either way to improve their academic work. There is need for the schools to be equipped with necessary material and good management for the support of education (Ball, 2004).Mainstream centric curriculum has much influence on students as it equips them with skills and tries to provide educational experience to them so that they can commit themselves in their cultural heritage.


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