Student Development Principles Checklist

Ashford University

EDU 654

Here at Atlas University, the Division of Student Affairs strives to fulfill the mission of the university through maintaining and nurturing meaningful, personal connections with our students. Through your training and successful completion of this course, your role as a professional within the Atlas University Division of Student Affairs will take root. In making use of the programs available to you, you will be equipped to handle and assist your first-year students at this institution and share a wealth of knowledge from a professional level.

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  • As an academic advisor, your role is to assist in creating experiences that offer an ability to engage a diverse learning population while providing learning opportunities that are dynamic in nature and geared toward assisting students in achieving their goals.
  • Our services are designed with the student in mind from both an academic and personal level.
  • Each student will be recognized as the unique individual that they are. They are encouraged to develop at a pace that is right for them and receive services that are specifically tailored to their individual programs and needs.
  • We provide an inclusive framework for the student experience with emphasis on nurturing and developing the overall identity development of the individual through support in the discovery process.
  • Academic advisors will continuously work toward an environment that promotes personal accountability, integrity, utilization of innovative and creative methods, as well as positive peer-to-peer interactions.
  • Any and all services provided by the Division of Student Affairs will foster an environment that thrives on transparent communications, feedback that arrives in a timely manner, and maintaining our open doors policy.
  • We seek to empower the individual student by fostering an active engagement in decision making; students will be encouraged to explore strengths and weaknesses while building on self-assessment skills that will make them viable in workplace environments.
  • The Division of Student Affairs will always model professional and ethical behaviors through all interactions.
  • Atlas University policies will be explained thoroughly while maintaining the integrity of the university standards as students are encouraged to take personal responsibility for their choices and educational pathways.
  • We will assist in training employable skills and knowledges through the supportive and nurturing frameworks where students will engage in activities that promote leadership, independence, innovative thinking, and sound judgment.
  • In understanding this is a diverse learning environment, all academic advisors are committed to promoting Atlas University as a safe space for students of all genders, orientations, religions, ethnic backgrounds, and special needs so that all learners are ensured the maximum opportunity for academic success resulting in successful completion of their respective programs and candidacy for graduation.
  • This campus is committed to student success. The Division of Student Affairs will maintain the commitment to academic excellence through setting a standard for the best practices in student affairs and modeling the highest ethical principles at all times.

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