Analyzing Cultural Relevance in Instruction

Analyzing Cultural Relevance in Instruction

EDU692: Creativity, Culture, and Global Contexts in Education Decision Making

Jeff Bliss’s  Prospective was much like a lot of  Students that participate in education now. His perspective was that the teacher was allowing for a packet to try and educate them instead of physically making sure that each student understood what she was teaching them. Jeff was telling them what would make it better for a student to be able to learn.  He obviously was explaining what would help him with the learning process. The teacher seems to be unconcerned with the students concerns and not willing to make any effort to help the student with his concerns.  Jeff mentions that the teacher made a comment about it’s just a paycheck, that made him pretty upset.

This whole outburst was probably cause because of the lack of attention from The teacher in the classroom. Sometimes teachers  Need to be a little sensitive to a student’s situation. They student was trying to explain to her that every student does not learn the same way, and maybe something different needs to happen so that the students in the class are more engaged in the learning process.

I believe that in this case both parties lost. The student maybe more than the teacher.  The student was deprived an opportunity to advance his education because the teacher would not try an adapt to the needs of the student. The teacher lost out on an opportunity to make a change in a life that will soon co troll the future of this world.

 My position on this entire issue that it never should have happened. Yes, the teacher is there to get a paycheck however teaching must be a Passion of anybody who enters the educational field. They’re going to be some up times and some down times however a teacher must learn to adapt to the classroom setting more than the student needs to. I feel as if that teachers should have been able to sense there was an issue before escalated to that point.

Culturally relevant approaches can be good in the classroom because it may be able to help someone that is not use to that kind of culture. Learning work ethics from different cultures could help some students. The chance must be given for all students to feel comfortable with the way of their culture.

Ms. Phung should have asked to speak with Jeff on a one on one outside of the classroom and found out what was really bothering him.  This could have been a situation that had been prevented if communication was present in the classroom. Also, if equity and equality was present. 

In the video I did not notice any equity strategies that we are being supplied to any of the students in the class. Most of the students seemed to be occupied with something else, such as playing with their fingers or sleeping, or something of that sort. There was nothing that I see that was given a student a better opportunity to succeed within their education process. There was package that were apparently distributed to the students, but there was no physical evidence that that’s happened.

There are strategies that could have been used to meet the needs of the students in the classroom. The teacher could have given better instructions to the assignments and the classroom. The classroom environment could have been more welcoming to the students. Allowing them to feel as if they are important for coming to class. Their students could have been grouped together according to their educational success. Being able to bring the students together through assessments so the in teacher knows where each student is. They could be also recognition such as certificates or verbal recognition of students who have succeeded or showed leadership roles in the classroom. Acknowledge into the class and the sooner that they are important and given them the opportunity to participate in their educational process is a way to help you to live strategies for each student.

According to Heather Coffey, culturally relevant teaching is a term created by Gloria Ladson-Billings (1994) to describe “a pedagogy that empowers students intellectually, socially, emotionally, and politically by using cultural referents to impart knowledge, skills, and attitudes.” Some of the pedagogy that was shown in the video was emotions that Jeff displayed. He let the teacher know what he felt should be happening and why it should be happening. A lot of emotions were following through the entire video. Socially pedagogy was also displayed through the cellphone. He got support from other students that were in the class as well.

There are three or more strategies that can be used to create a culturally relevant classroom. On thing that can be done making sure that you are involving students in the construction of knowledge. They need to be able to participant in their educational process. Allowing them to be able to let you know what will work for them and you be able to implement it will help with them progressing. Students that know that they have played a part in their educational process tend to do better than not. Keeping the students engaged and involved in the things that concern them always makes for a better process. It will also build up their confidence and self-esteem with the education. Last, making sure that you are utilizing the community and home resources. It takes a village to raise a child and that includes education as well. Making sure that the resources in the community an at home are being use so that the student can get whatever they are lacking through resources.

So, in conclusion, sometimes it does not take a whole lot for a student to feel comfortable with educational succession. However, weather the teacher likes it or not, they play a big role in the process. Their attitude and demeanor can make or break a student, depending on what the student is going through. Sometime the teacher must sit back and look at all the options before they can really decide with things.


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