Elaborate your own definition of production operations management, including manufacturing and service operations

Elaborate your own definition of production operations management, including manufacturing and service operations.  Then assess the implication of technology in your definition.  Lastly, appraise the impact of your previous responses to your Operations, Technology, and Management Plan development.

Production operations management, including manufacturing and service operations is the overseeing of production and output process.  An operations manager is responsible for designing and overseeing and controlling production output.  They are also responsible for identifying customer needs and ensuring the products they produce meets those needs. 

Within the production operations management a production manager is typically responsible for the following: 

1.       Output – Manufacturing of raw goods to completed product.

2.       Output Usage – Determining how often product will be used (service)/purchased (product) to help determine quantity output.  However, depending on the type of service/product manufactured will alter this definition.   For example, a uniform manufacturing company, such as fire department, military uniforms, will only manufacture their raw goods into a finished product when orders are placed. 

3.       Work Classification – dividing work responsibilities amongst workers to obtain the fastest cost effective production rate. Many production companies use work cells in their production operations, ensuring they obtain fast but quality production rates. This also includes employee retention and training and development.

Successful companies have developed a production process that fits the needs of their business which includes positive customer experiences.  In order to continue to meet the demands of their customers they need to have the latest technology, which includes but is not limited to computers, computer software, packaging equipment and supplies, sewing machines (clothing/uniforms), transportation system, etc.

A good production operations management team will oversee the process on a daily basis to ensure the employees have the proper equipment and supplies to successfully complete their assigned tasks.  If they have a machine that is constantly causing them down time they need to have it replaced so they can achieve optimum output.  Many production teams have a daily quota and if equipment fails it slows down production.  If employees are not on time or just don’t come, it slows down production.  A good manager/team will be able to identify these concerns and handle them accordingly. 




When it comes to production operations management, including manufacturing and service operations I would define it as someone that has the responsibility of managing the planning process when it comes things such as goods and services for the company. The technology plan is something that is needed to help run the business. The technology is what helps a business owner determine which features and services the company will use when it comes to marketing and the business operations.

The Operations, Technology, and Management Plan development for my NAB will involve me looking over the company’s expenses and the various tasks that will help me run my business successfully. Next, it will help me with getting the computer software and equipment needed that will me with organizing my plan. This will help with the advertising and marketing for the company. Another thing that this development plan will help me with is helping me determine which part of business I will have the employees help with such as pricing the beverage, and helping make the final decisions for the company.




Production operations management – Production is the process in which you produce, distribute,pr maintain your products or services. How the company operates is essential to the success of the company. Operations, including manufacturing and service is the responsibility of the management team. The organizational structure must be on point in order that the finances and expenses are straight. Financial statements are very important to investors. Potential investors are very detailed oriented and pays critical attention to financial statements and the details about the nature of the company’s technology. Technology allows customers to connect with businesses. Perfect planning makes perfect operations, which leads to improvements in profit margins. Technology is necessary in all businesses functions and it must be determined which functions could benefit from it. Management planning should focus on hiring the right people to run the business and the management style and structure. Teamwork and being on one accord is important in keeping a company afloat and successful. The core of the business is developing proper management teams.





Good morning Karen,


Very nice analysis of a production operations management team.  I also believe it’s important to include the technology, such as software and equipment in the definition.  The employees are the key to a successful output but that success also depends on current reliable technology, which includes equipment and software.  To remain competitive and increase output, companies need to ensure their employees have working equipment with as little downtime as possible.  Unallocated downtime due to equipment malfunctions can and will hinder their output process.  





Karen ~ Operations managers are responsible for a number of tasks in the company, including the supervision of staff, managing projects, working with clients and solving various problems that arise. To lead and manage and control all production operations while ensuring that production is met and the business operates efficiently, economically, and safely in compliance with the company policies. The manager will coordinate long and short term activities to produce the highest quality, lowest cost product in the safest and most efficient manner. Conduct or coordinate the necessary training for the associates and team members. The manager implement and enforce established policy and strategy. Continuous improvement is a key aspect of this role, and will be accomplished through developing and maintaining an organization that demonstrates improvements continuously. The manager oversee manufacturings of products in a safe, secure and sanitary manner. Also, recommend and implement changes in method, equipment, systems and organization, as needed to assure the objectives are met.

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