Environmental scan on five external forces

Environmental scan on five external forces




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Environmental scanning is a process used to acquire information about how events occur outside the organization. The acquired information is identified and interpreted for future potential trends in an organization. The purpose of environmental scan is to evaluate the threats and opportunities created by potential trends and whether they can affect an organization. Business should monitor five environmental forces which include economical, technological, competitive, social and regulatory. The business can really thrive and be successful in marketing programs after identifying these five forces because they will act as a lead to business marketing action.

The environmental forces have got a major impact in an organization. Human resource managers should ensure that they have strategies of dealing with these forces. CleanStep Company has therefore developed better and efficient product of cleaning making it stand out in the target market. The new product can climb stairs automatically which makes it unique from other products. The cleaning product is manageable, user friendly and affordable to every customer making it stand out the best in the market (Flowers, 2016). It has got features which are unique and different from other vacuum cleaners. It is also saves time more so for the women as they have different tasks to undertake.


Flowers, J. (2016). 10 Reasons Why You Need A Robot Vacuum Cleaner. Retrieve from https://learn.compactappliance.com/benefits-of-robot-vacuums/

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