Journal: Interview Reflection

Interview Reflection

ESE 634 Education-Based Collaborative Relationships

I interviewed two teachers from my children’s elementary school, Casillas Elementary, here in Chula Vista, CA. One of the teachers, Ms. Shelly Borja, is a 3rd grade teacher in a general education classroom. The other teacher is Ms. Rachel Scott she is an SDC Mild/Moderate 4th -6th grade teacher there at Casillas Elementary. Each interview took about 30 minutes to get through.

I had the teachers in mind that I wanted to interview but I was afraid that I was not going to be able to get them. So, I put up a post on Facebook to see if there were any teachers on my page that were willing to answer a few questions for me and the response was overwhelming. I actually had teachers that interviewed with me from New York and all over California. I did more than two interviews because I wanted to further compare the interviews with each other. However, I am only reporting on the two right here. All of my interviews I conducted via zoom or Microsoft teams simply because we have already been using that. Since we could not go out and have the interview face to face because of Covid-19. I figure this was the best thing.

My first reaction was fearful because I hate being on camera, but I needed to get out of my comfort zoon and make it happen. Being in the comfort of my own home made it a little easier for me to be able to ask these professionals questions about their profession. The process of actually doing the interview a was pretty easy because everyone was bored at home so had a lot of time. It took a little longer because of the internet connection for some it was hard to hear, or the signal would drop. The information that I received was very valuable and made me look at teaching in a different way especially special education. I was able to see the different ways that educators learn to collaborate and communicate when they are in their professional environments and also what kind of changes, they have had to make because of Covid-19.

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