Using RTI to Meet Students Needs

Using RTI to Meet Students Needs

ESE 610 Assessment and Evaluation of Students with Mild to Moderate Disabilities

Response to Intervention

Response to Intervention approach also known as RTI, is providing services and interventions to struggling learners at increasing levels of intensity. (Pierangelo (2012) By using this approach we as the teacher will be able to provide interventions as soon as we can see they are needed. Response to intervention has been shown to reduce the likelihood of cultural bias in assessment and the evaluation process.

Purpose of the Child Study Team Referral

Mr. Franklin and I have to decided to pull together a Child Study Team Referral Record also known as a CST. This document allows us to be able to recommend Manuel be moved up to the next teir for manuel so that he gets the proper resources that is needed for his education. This is what is dcone before a student can be identified as being special needs. (Pierangelo (2012) Making sure that the school does everything that that they can do before they move on to the next set of resources.

Manuel’s Needs

Manuel has needs that pertain just to his individual situation. As we started at tier 1 of the interventions, we have come to know a little more about Manuel and his learning patterns. Manuel is a bright student that has ambition for becoming and engineer. He is excited about online computer games, BMX bikes, and creating new and lasting friendships. Manuel can write well, but he struggles with the reading and comprehension of reading. His vision and hearing are all normal, which is a plus. As our observations continue with Manuel, we have notice that he is not confident in his reading skills. He suffers from lack of energy and/ or enthusiasm when it comes to reading unless it is about a subject dealing with his career interest as an engineer. We have notice that Manuel does everything that he can to try and avoid embarrassment when it comes to reading because he feels as if he reads slower than any of his other peers. We need to focus on giving Manuel some extra time so that he can get his work done and feel confident while doing so.( McGraw-Hill PreK-12 (2013)

The Plan

In order to draw up a plan and make it beneficial with all must be in our proper places and contribute what our roles consist of. Mr. Franklin and I would like to implement small group sessions with Manuel with a few of his friends/ peers that he associates with every day, We would like to create an environment for him so that he is comfortable in reading around like minded peers or peers that do not consider Manuel to be “dumb”. In these peer sessions Manuel will be able to read and discuss what he has read in the group sessions. We would also like to begin peer tutoring sessions with Manuel. Manuel is a very social person and makes friends very easily. Sometimes students learn better from their peers as oppose to an adult. Mr. Franklin and I would like to see how much Manuel can retain from peer tutoring. During this plan we would like for you as Manuel’s parents to be involved every step of the way. We will send home extra practice on the lessons that we discuss in class. If you can provide him with support and help at home that would be greatly appreciated. We will be also giving Manuel extra time on his test so that he does not feel rushed and panic in taken the test. His assignments will be shortened and the instructions for the assignments will be simplified so that he understands what is expected for him to do.

Recommended Interventions

Mr. Franklin and I have pulled out a few interventions that will feel with work for Manuel. The first intervention that we thought would be helpful would be peer tutoring. Peer tutoring is a great way for Manuel to be able to learn from his peers on a level that is understanding to him. Sometimes the language that is spoken between peers is better understood than that of a teacher.

Another intervention is extra practice on lessons. We will be offering extra practice on the lessons that we are doing in class. We will send home extra worksheets that can be done for extra credit or in Manuel’s spare time if needed. This will just give him a little more knowledge and comfort about reading aloud. This will build his confidence and speed up his reading.

The third intervention will be homework help. I will send Manuel home with online computer programs that can help with his reading, such as Achieve 3000. Achieve 3000 is a reading program that Manuel can read. He is evaluated according to his level of reading. The lessons will continue to get harder as he continues to grow in his reading level.

The last and final interventions that we will present to you will be given Manuel extra time on the test that are given. By this this it will give Manuel a little bit of time to relax and not panic when he is taking a test. He can gather his thoughts and responds to the questions accordingly.


So, in conclusion we can see that there are things that can be done if everyone plays the right role. RIT and CST are all resources that can be used to help any student progress in their education. We have to always remember that each student is different and that, that may work for one student may not work for the rest. So being able to observe a student and make sure that they are getting exactly what they need is always the best thing to do.


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Date: March 26, 2020

Child Study Team Referral Record

School District


Student: Manuel D.O.B.: Unknown Requested by Mr. Franklin and Mrs., Jordan

Notes from Prior School Attended

Reason for concern/referral

Reason for recommending student to the Child Study Team check all that apply:

Academic Skills Performance/Work Production

X Basic reading X Attention X Comprehension □ Organization

□ Math facts □ Study skills

□ Math concepts X Time management

□ Written language X Work completion

Behavior Other

□ Aggressive □ Articulation

□ Disruptive □ Expressive language

□ Impulsive □ Receptive language

□ Noncompliant □ Fine motor

□ Off task □ Gross motor

□ Playground difficulties □ Mental health

□ Relations with adults □ Medical Issues

X Relations with peers □ Vision, hearing

X Social skills □ Other_______________ □ Other_______________

Please specify one primary area of concern: Reading

Dates of parent contact: 12/4/2019, 12/16/2019, 1/4/2020 □ Has the child had any recent emotional or physical trauma? Possible Verbal abuse, Name Calling □ List the student’s strengths:

 What might motivate the student?

 What are areas of possible demotivation for the student?


Please indicate those that were most effective


□ Calculator for math

□ Computer for word processing

□ Extra credit options

X Extra practice on lessons 12/16/2019

X Extra time for tests12/16/2019

□ Graphic organizers provided

X Homework help 12/16/2019

□ High interest materials

□ Manipulatives

□ One-on-one with an adult

□ Preferential seating

X Peer tutoring1/15/2019

□ Retake tests

□ Reteach material

X Shortened assignments 12/16/2019

X Simplified/repeated instructions 12/16/2019

□ Varied instructional modes (multi-sensory learning styles)

□ Other


□ Consistent rule enforcement

X Counseling 12/4/2019

X Frequent parent contact12/4/2019

□ Immediate consequences

X Incentive program 12/16/2019

X Positive reinforcement 12/16/2019

□ Posted and reviewed rules X Progress reports to parents12/4/2019

X Recorded behavioral changes (documentation)1/4/2020

□ Written behavioral contract

□ Other

Please attach at least 2 pieces of documentation supporting your concern and include student work samples to back up your observations and this check list.

*Adapted from the Snohomish School District Child Study Team Referral Record.

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