Ethical Dilemma

Ethical Dilemma

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Organization should not be discriminate employees in the society due to their differences in cultural beliefs and practices. It is unethical where human rights are not respected and concerned drawn on how to making their living conditions better and motivate them to work. The role of contraceptives is designed to control giving of birth and preventing unwanted pregnancies among women. This is usually a government organized activities to control the vast growing population in the world and should not be condemned on ground of religious beliefs or practices. Every organization should and is supposed to provide support to its members of support despite the religious practices they belief in and their right should not be curtailed by individuals or organization at any point (Bowden, 2012)..

Organization which has respect to human right should be able to give freedom to the parties involved to seek required medical attention which translates to contraceptives. Denying human being their basic right is making the institution to loss public image and reputation which may have built for many years thus making to draw negative image from the public. The declaration will attract furious reaction from females members in the society and the institution will be considered to have little respect to gender parity. Women contraceptive should be guaranteed and their cost covered under employment health insurance and no one should formulate or enact laws against diminishing dignity of women globally. The implication of these declarations is to make women more vulnerable to unwanted pregnancies as well as early pregnancies among the young members in the society. Further, religious community should be in frontline to campaign for controlled method of giving birth unlike the case portrayed (Holmes, 2011).

To my opinion its unacceptable to suggest that the female colleagues to play role in ensuring and making arrangement to meet their health insurance while the male are fully catered for in the same organization. Under the arrangement insurance companies that receive forms pay for the coverage cost other than pay for pregnancies. The intention of Wheaton to deny the citizen their right to healthy practice did not communicate to national government on consideration to terminate services of contraception services. These may call for religious defiance by some employees as majority of workers have embraced the purpose and use of contraception (Bowden, 2012).

Importance of Contraceptive

Contraceptive is widely used by couples to determine the number of children they are intending to have in relation to available resources. Currently the world is facing global crisis of economic matters therefore requiring for couples to plan early. On the hand it is used to determine how one child should be born from the other. Ethical practices calls for these respect and desire of human being as by doing so they will be able to live a healthy and happy life. Under nations of declaration of human right every individual has the right to make sound decisions without being influenced by employer or desires to follow religious teaching (Holmes, 2011).

The method as well reduces pregnancy and related risks to young women until their bodies are able to support a pregnancy. Thus preventing students from seeking medical attention on contraceptive is clearly indicating that the institution is not concerned with welfare of young women in the societies which makes them to portray negative image to general public. Furthermore, the organization is proving not considering its corporate responsibility on healthy living and making of right decision (Holmes, 2011).

Finally contraceptive are responsible for reducing teenage pregnancies among the women in developing countries. Statistics have indicated that by use of contraception women are able to reduce unwanted pregnancies that have negative impacts on their relationships and ambitions. Early pregnancies can also cause health problems for babies born since there is likelihood of the babies born to recorded lower weight than expected. This has resulted to early deaths in many countries (Bowden, 2012).


The institution should understand that by the government advocating for use of contraceptive is aiming to contain the world population pressure since resources are minimal and scarce in nature. Therefore, the organization formulating policies against use of contraceptive among the used and employees indicates defiance to rules and regulations which are supposed to be respected by all law abiding citizen. Being ethical in most cases include offering of solution to problems which are facing humanity and offering alternative methods to solve the solution. Without alternative one is required to respect the ideas and decisions of majority which is designed for own benefits and to that of the country.


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