Ethical issues faced in engineering design

Ethical issues faced in engineering design



According to Gorp (2005), decision making is one of the vital things an engineer ought to carry out for the betterment of engineering. Matters dealing with say general safety in the area of operation need to be looked into keenly and a solution offered with an immediate effect whenever need arises. Once engineering facility is in place as well, they need smart sustainability decisions to be made. This is done in order to give protection from the arising ethical issues.

Some of these ethical issues are: the guidelines on how to work. This is important as different products are designed to work differently and they also differ in appearance. This therefore means the products need professional personnel to work with them (Sethy, 2015).

There is also the principle of sustenance. If the operators knew how to sustain a variety of machine, then the machine will automatically be more durable. This will result to more preferable end product of the machine. Whoever handles the machine ought to be professional in order to avoid mismanagement of the machine. They as well need to take precautions before they start using them.

From the case study of the space shuttle incidents, we note that there was a complexity which could not be managed by the engineers of the Challenger shuttle (1986), while the Collumbiashuttle crew was careless to the point of not being able to check the condition of the shuttle after launching for their mission (2003). It therefore occurred that both shuttles experienced an explosion after launching. Both incidents occur due to the unethical engineers. (Dr. Scott L Bradley)

It is of great importance for engineers to be ethical. They should not overlook things that seem to be minoryet are the very things that bring destruction. They as well need to restudy the areas that deal with heat transfer, material science, among.


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