Ethics and Information Management

Ethics and Information Management

Information System has been made many achievements now a days. These is no business running with out information system for this there should be some ethical issues which people has to select which is correct and incorrect choices. It is very hard to set some sort of instructions to the information management which they are varying day by day. Ethics is generally distinct as code of morals which will depends on the person. There should be some ethics while working in the organization to set some examples and to work truth worthy to the organization you are working then only we should be achieving the goals and objectives of our own and the organizations.

Cyber Crime

It is the most important ongoing issue to the information management. These cybercrimes are extending from minor group of association to  big economic loss and human loss these are different types identity theft and hacking and computer virus and etc.. these are done by growth of technology and increase of smart phones. With these they are making the crimes in more intelligent way by that they are making the hacking with out knowing to other person so that the ethical issues will come raise due to use of other credentials  without their knowledge.


With these ethical issue’s secrecy should be maintained by an individual to defend the data from unauthorized access. The information management requires every employee in the organization should know some basic knowledge about the ethical policy so that they should know which information they need to block, and which should let free.

What Ethics does?

The most important thing  we should know about ethics is Trust. Trust will rely on confidentially; social responsibility and they will teach us how day to day activities will run in organization and in society. Moreover, every employee in the organization should be trained about ethics and organization should invest more in security issues  


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