Ethnic Group Evaluation

Ethnic Group Evaluation

SOC 308 Racial & Ethnic Groups

Ethnic Group Evaluation

The United States is comprised of various ethnic groups. A percentage of the diverse ethnic gatherings in the U.S. As indicated by the 2010 Census, 308.7 million individuals dwelled in the United States on April 1, 2010, of which 50.5 million (or 16 percent) were of Hispanic or Latino. While many people think of Hispanics just as Mexicans, which is not the case at all. There are more nationalities that are included in the ethnic group as Hispanics. The history of Hispanics is very interesting and includes a number of facts that is not common to most even, even some Hispanics do not know their history.

The Hispanic Heritage History is an exceptionally intriguing one, with numerous turning points that have now brought them to where ethnic groups are today. From September fifteenth until October fifteenth consistently Americans commemorate National Hispanic Heritage Month. During this time consistently, American subjects who have predecessors that moved from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America have the capacity solemnize the history, erudition, and commitments that have been made. The Hispanics that are in America are exceptionally dynamic in the United States and are extremely critical to the United States society with their commitments, legacy, financial and political battles, and training. There are quite a few different cultures that are part of the Hispanic heritage. A majority of the Hispanic culture here in America stems from Mexico, Puerto Rico and Cuba. Even though Puerto Rico is considered to be part of America they still have their own cultures and are a part of the Hispanic culture.

If we look at the all of the Hispanic Americans in the United States currently, the largest group of Hispanics would easily be considered the Mexican Americans. The Mexican Americas immigrated in the 1920s due to a political revolt. However, during the 1900s and early 2000s is when America started to experience the largest amount of Mexican immigrate to date. During this time is when hundreds of thousands began to illegally enter into the United States creating the largest waves of illegal immigrants. Throughout the years, the inconceivable movement of Mexican’s real main thrust was to look for livelihood or employment. Most Mexican’s that are in America today are working in the occupations that most American’s would prefer truly not to work in. This incorporates rural work, farming, meat processing and many other low grade jobs .

Much the same as there used to be awful isolation in the middle of Whites and Blacks, until 1957 Mexican Americans were isolated in the government funded educational system. Jocelyn (1999) suggests the accomplishment to put an end of prejudicial practices. The presentation of bilingual and bicultural projects in schools was backed and supplemented by another social liberties association, the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF). Digestion of Mexican’s into American culture was and keeps on being less quick than other Hispanic groups. As much as many Hispanics try to fit in while in America, there are also cultures that Hispanics continue that many Americans do not understand.

As per the 2000 United States Census, the dialect boundary is the reason for moderate combination. Give or take 80% of non-Mexican foreigners are familiar with English and just 49% of Mexicans are familiar. This influences instruction, financial status, and employment accessibility, and keeps on holding valid for those young people who has or had immigrated before the age of five years old. For the individuals who are not knowledgeable in the English dialect it makes it amazingly hard to correspond with others. Stratification of this gathering proceeds inside the United States, making up an extensive segment of the minority populace.

Mexican Americans make up the biggest minority in the U.S., there are different groups that make up the Hispanic Ethnic Group that is in America that additionally hold fascinating venturing stones that helped the group overall increase progress and get where it is today. The Puerto Rican ethnic group is an alternate critical one with loads of history. Puerto Ricans politically contended and battled for autonomy for the majority of the 500 years since Columbus arrived in 1493. In 1898 when the Spanish-American War was fought Spain was forced to give up Puerto Rico to America. The interracial connections of the Spanish, French, Chinese, Lebanese, and others amid the nineteenth Century have brought about the current multiracial populace of close to four million in Puerto Rico . The contemporary region is prominent with most Puerto Ricans despite the fact that others lean toward statehood. The critical contrast in Puerto Rico is the shade inclination between the implications of race, thusly; separation and partiality is a bit less permitting adaptability.

Puerto Rico is an illustration of the world frameworks hypothesis. Albeit being better off over some Caribbean countries, financial strengths are subject to the United States and other modern countries, much the same. Relocation to the terrain is a safe haven for Puerto Ricans and speaks to an expansive scope of occupations. Likewise with Mexican Americans, Puerto Ricans have increased in formal educating however fall behind White Americans and have been progressively disengaged. Reasons fluctuate from proceeding with detachment of private isolation happening in urban areas with expansive populaces of Hispanics and neediness and unemployment rates.

Cuban Americans make up the third part of the Hispanic minority groups. When Fidel Castro overthrew the Cuban government using a socialist revolution put a strained relationship between America and Cuba in 1959. Until recently there has really been no communication or participation between the two countries. Numerous settlers looking for political outcast from Spanish guideline moved to the states with the best wave in the mid-twentieth century. Cuba’s collusion with the Soviet Union, a cold-war adversary of the United States, further harmed relations with the United States. Cuba’s displaced people keep on being included in the opposition to Castro anticommunist sentiments of Cuban Americans and numerous others in the states. As far as economics go Cuban immigrants have mostly migrated to Miami, Florida. Doing this they have steadily increased the social life and transformed Miami into a profitable city. However, giving up the Spanish dialect for English has prompted contrasts between immigrants and citizens.

One of the main reasons there are so many Cuban immigrants in America, is based on what happened in Cuba. The Cuban-American National Foundation is known for taking a solid stance against Castro. Cuban’s have fared better than Mexican and Puerto Rican groups in riches, education, and osmosis in America. Puerto Rican’s and Mexican Americans have lower earnings, less training, and more noteworthy health issues than White Americans. On the other hand, family and religion are signs of quality strength inside these groups and are depicted as more family situated than others in the United States. Pride and closeness bringing about family commitments and dependability precedes individual needs and is the essential wellspring of social connection.

A prevalent misconception and confusion is the Hispanic society is a race. The Hispanic populace is made out of Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America, and despite the fact that these groups all talk Spanish, contrasts in skin color many can’t pinpoint the numerous societies inside the Hispanic Community. Also, the Spanish dialect has absorbed with the English dialect in some of these gatherings bringing about “Spanglish,” a blend of English and Spanish. Political hopefuls have decided to talk in Spanish and English and also help by supplying voters with ballots that have English and Spanish writing for both languages. This is demonstrating a level of fairness for two of the biggest ethnic groups in the nation.

The national recognition of the Hispanic Heritage adds to society mindfulness and the imparting of conventions, music, and writing through festivals. However, not everyone is as accepting of people who are proud of their culture and want to celebrate. A few years ago a women was sucker punched the face by a police officer, who thought she threw liquid at him. It was proven that the woman who was punched in the face did not actually throw any type of liquid at him. It was another lady who was intoxicated. The lady who was punched according to the video had silly string and was spraying in due to the celebration. The cop was fired but recently just got his job back, this occurred because he was never charged and the judge said “the video” did not show the entire story this occurred in 2012 and the officer was back on the job in October of 2013 .

Hispanic Americans make up a fraction of the United States population, exactly 16% back in 2010 it is still considered to be quite a large number of Hispanics. While most chalk up discrimination being targeted towards African Americans this is not true at all. There is still a lot of stereotyping and discrimination towards Hispanics as well as the myths that are spread about Hispanics. Most of the United States is accepting and welcoming towards Hispanics coming to America to have a better life. What they are not accepting is when they do it illegally. There is no longer issues with segregation in regards to students being allowed in schools. The job market is highly accepting of individuals who are Hispanic, they are able to get job just as well as any natural born citizen. It is actually quite beneficial if people are fluent in more than one language. Some jobs require that you speak more than one language. It is amazing to find out all this new information in regards to different ethnic groups the history is always great to learn about. The history of Hispanics is very interesting and includes a number of facts that is not common to most even, even some Hispanics do not know their history.


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