Evidence based opinion to deal with floating plastics in oceans

Evidence based opinion to deal with floating plastics in oceans




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The question that we should ask ourselves is what we do in order to reduce plastic pollution not only in oceans but also into our natural environment. Millions of tones are floating in ocean and others are deep down in form of micro plastics. We have a big problems with plastics simply because they live forever (www#1). Poor plastic management, skyrocketing and very low levels of recycling have led to mass pollution of plastics. In order to deal with the problem of plastics in oceans, we need to consider the following measures.

Supporting organization which advocate plastic pollution should be considered. These organizations include ocean society, plastic soup foundation, plastic pollution coalition and many others. Another best way is to reduce our daily single use of plastics (www#2). We use a lot of plastics including straws, water bottles, plastic bags, cups, utensils and many others. We need to support re-using of these materials and if disposal is needed you can call plastic company to recycle which would provide an alternatives instead of disposing. Beach or river clean-up is also an option even though it’s hard to clean every plastic but it would reduce a certain percentage. One of the major way to deal with plastics which have already worked for some countries is banning completely the use of plastics by all means (www#3). A country like Colombia use reusable bags, china and also African Countries have supported ban measures which have worked.

In conclusion, all the above mentioned options of dealing with plastics should be implemented. The government need to put rules and regulations for all the named options to be followed to latter. Every individual need to take this problem as personal responsibility to take care of our natural environment.


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