False Confessions

False Confessions





Why do you think these young men confessed to something they did not do?

These young men gave in to the police by giving false confessions because from the way the police subjected them to accusatorial interrogation which left them no choice but to comply with them. Considering the pressure they were put on by police officers, the young men had to admit to gang raping just to get out from the situation. These young men ended up confessing to something they did not do because of the interrogations the police gave them making them believe that they actually committed the crime. They were also tired and confused by the interrogations. From the way the police treated them, they had no choice but to confess falsely for the sake of their safety. The young men must have felt like a minority group hence had no chances of being heard by the police and therefore felt that they had no choice but to confess. The young men must have also confessed just to get out of the situation and get it over and done with despite the lack of evidence. They must have also felt that rejecting the interrogations made by the police would only make things worse.

What could the criminal justice do differently to help protect against false confessions, such as in this case?

The criminal justice could have given the young men a lawyer during the process of interrogation. The investigator could also have dug deep in all sources to bring out the truth, not just to finish up the case. The judge should also have freed the suspects until proven guilty by substantial evidence instead of listening on police interrogations. The court should not only have relied on confession but should have accompanied it with enough evidence.

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