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Final report





Food safety is a topic under the healthy people 2020 that I chose to discuss. it is a challenge in the current world where we expect the nation is struggling to contain foodborne diseases.

1. Briefly describe the problem indicating the “burden of disease” including morbidity and mortality and changes that have occurred in recent years.

Food borne illnesses burden the American people by increasing the cost of healthcare. It has been found that approximately 7 percent of the American people (Around 48 million) are affected by food borne illness. The illness also leads to 3000 deaths and 128 000 patients hospitalized. Investigation has been done to identify what makes food contaminated. Food contamination begins from the farm through processing, production, processing and to consumers. The government has created many bodies in the recent past that aims in mitigating the problems resulting from food contamination. The bodies aim to control and maintain high safety standard in food industries to ensure that the food produced is good for human consumption.

The advancement in technology has promoted the detection and prevention of contamination in food. If you back tract to like 50 years ago, there were few instruments to detect the microbes causing food contamination which have been causing and increasing mortality for many past years. More advanced microscopes have been created that have enabled researchers to identify the microbes and find ways to prevent them. In addition to that,

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