Finance Environment Matrix

Finance Environment Matrix


Finance Environment Matrix

Economic Trends of the healthcare payment system Compliance and Ethics Issues
Government Regulations and Law CMSHIPAAAffordable Care Act Reimbursement rates started to become a standard rate Cause for more people to review and regulate what doctors charge for servicesNo more patient care models and more focus on compliance
Technology Innovation Companies are trying to prevent robots in order to care for patients and cut down on salary expense.There has been so many new health inventions such as hybrid operating rooms, digestible sensors, and microchips modeling clinical trials. Due to the high cost of all the innovation it is costing patients to keep up with the rising healthcare costThere are concerns about the genetic engineering which will raise some ethics issues. Electronic healthcare records are allowing providers to have access to patients records 24 hours a day 7 days a week which raises safety concerns and strict laws behind data.
Healthcare Reform Healthcare reform is based off age and current health status which can be considered basis.If you choose not to have insurance you will be penalized for that The penalties that are collected to help with the Federal budget deficitsExpanded Medicaid and Medicare industry


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