Research Justification

Research Justification

The topic of drug abuse among kids and parents, domestic violence and cultural practices is what I will be dealing with in my research paper. These are some of the major factors that affect kids’ performance in school, thus an area of interest for me.

As an early childhood education student, this topic is important in understanding children’s psychology since this I will be directly interacting with them. Having a foreknowledge of why a kid behaves will help find a suitable solution to the problem, and help the kid to remain focus.

In my research, I was shocked to find out that children start abusing Heroin as early as 10 years at the age of 11 years. It is utterly disappointing that the entire society watched as the kid started abusing drugs, to the point of being addicted, without doing something.

While carrying out a research, coming up with references and sources was my biggest challenge. Where do you get all the information? What sources should someone cite over others? To overcome this, it is important to validate the credibility of a source, for you to have accurate findings. This will include a background research of the author, if it’s an article.

Thesis Statement.

Students, especially at an early age should be protected from their families, if their families has domestic violence, and parents that abuse drugs. This is because these children will be affected psychologically (Straussner, 2011) and they need to have a stable mind when they are studying.


Straussner, S. (2011). Children of substance-abusing parents: Dynamics and treatment. New

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