Organizational Behavior Wk 1 Discussion Board

Write a 175- to 265-word response to the following:

Why is organizational behavior important in health care today? Provide an example.

What has been your experience with organizational behavior? 

Organization behavior is quite important for organization in modern day especially the healthcare industry. This is quite evident in the service delivery and patient attention in the recovery process. Individual performance becomes a key metrics that can be used to gauge the overall performance of the health of a healthcare organization (Borkowski, 2015). For this reason, each and every eventuality can be traced to activities that were performed by individuals or a group leading to better understanding and eventual service delivery. An example is where healthcare staff are assigned asks to perform public education awareness on a public health subject then the results analyzed at the end. The actions in terms of their planning to execution will be analyzed to determine exactly what led to their success sections that can be improved to provide better results.

On a personal level, I have a great experience as it led to improvement in service delivery. I was in a position to identify areas of weakness and improve on them. At the end, my client and the people we interacted with satisfied. For my fellow team members, they were in a position to understand next course of action without much explanation as they were working together with next course of action known to everything. It improved team work from my view.


Borkowski, N. (2015). Organizational behavior in health care. Jones & Bartlett Publishers.