Healthcare Organizations

Healthcare Organizations

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Inpatient Healthcare Organization

Ambulatory/Ancillary Healthcare Organization

Improvement Capability for Organizational Performance

Resources Needed to Develop Improvement Capability

Five key lessons on building improvement capabilityGetting early board-level support is essential for any provider organization considering building improvement capability at scaleProvider organizations need to think carefully about how they will fund improvement capability programsProvider organizations need to find ways of freeing up staff time to take part in training programsCommissioners need to do more to support organizations developing improvement capability building programsArm’s length bodies need to give organizations the time and space to develop and embed their quality improvement programs

Metrics Used to Measure Quality Dimensions

Saint Francis Hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma Saint Francis Warren Clinic tower Pharmacy in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Similarities/Differences Between The Metrics

Metrics That Help Develop Improvement Capability

Develop the skills to define things clearlyAllow the organization to communicate on a broad spectrumImproves accountabilityPatients safetyTriage guidelinesUtilization

Quality Improvement Tools


Transformational Improvement

This is the restructuring of the level of performance and organizational culture.Rethink of ways in which to create effective change. Augment organizational performance.Encouraging participatory leadership.

Transformational Model(s) Used To Help With Transformational Improvement

There are two models that can be utilized to attain transformational improvement. They include participative and data driven models (Thomas, Crotts & Abdul, 2001). The participative model encourages leaders to guide the employees.



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